Apply for a HAAD medical license in Abu Dhabi

HAAD license

Healthcare professionals wishing to wants conduct medical practices in Al Ain or Abu Dhabi must obtain a HAAD license first. This is an official licensing document for medical professionals like pharmacists, doctors, and nurses working in the UAE. In addition, all medical professionals can apply for the HAAD test application if they meet the criteria.

In this article, we will ensure you understand everything about the entire application exam as well as the overall process. However, you must have in mind that the HAAD exam is only available in English. At the end of this article, you will have the necessary information to successfully take the exam. We will observe the following:

  1. Why do you need this license to practice medicine?
  2. How can you apply for the HAAD license?
  3. What documents do you need to obtain the HAAD license?
  4. What are the required fees for this type of license?
  5. How can you register for the HAAD license exam?
  6. Can you renew your HAAD license?
  7. Why should you obtain the HAAD healthcare license?
  8. Frequently asked questions about the HAAD license in Abu Dhabi
  9. How can we assist you to obtain the HAAD license in Abu Dhabi?

1. Why do you need this license to practice medicine?

Healthcare and medical professionals in Abu Dhabi are required to obtain this license through the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). But they must pass the exam HAAD first.

The HAAD license is valid for 5 years starting from the date of passing the exam. The medical license, above all, must be valid and current during the health professional’s practice. You must renew it 3 months before the due expiry date. Also, healthcare professionals are also required to obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their hospital manager for this license.

Medical areas that require the HAAD license to practice in Abu Dhabi include the following:

  • Physicians (Medical Practitioner/Consultant/ Specialist).
  • Dentistry (GP Dentist/Specialist/Consultant).
  • Nursing/Midwifery
  • Pharmacy.
  • Also, allied health.

Similarly, other professions required to take the exam include:

  • Chiropractic medicine professionals.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Homoeopathy.
  • Osteopathic medicine
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Also, alternative medical practitioners such as Unami medicine and TCM.

2. How can you apply for the HAAD license?

All health professionals can apply for a medical license in order to work in the country through the portal. Most importantly, on Connect Free Zone we will take care of the entire process on your behalf to ensure you obtain the license. However, here is the detailed process:

  1. Firstly, submit your required document and properly filled the application through the verification company.
  2. After that, you will receive an email containing the payment methods and your application’s number for verification.
  3. Pay the fee via credit card.
  4. After successful verification, you will receive another email that will provide you with a new username and password as well as a link to the HAAD e-licensing system.
  5. Finish the application process through the HAAD website with the credentials you received.
  6. Register for the exam after the successful approval.
  7. Pay the required fee once your license has been approved.
  8. Receive the license via a courier provider.

3. What documents do you need to obtain the HAAD license?

All the required documents for the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi license must be legally translated first into English. In addition, the full list of requirements is available on the portal. But in general, some of the license requirements include the following:

  • Valid current Health Professional license issued by the relevant government entity.
  • A valid and recent passport-sized photograph with white background.
  • A valid passport copy.
  • Completed application declaration signed by the applicant.
  • Educational qualifications.
  • Experience certificates.
  • A nomination letter (this is for applicants sponsored by facilities).
  • Certificate of good behavior from relevant government authorities.
  • Staff data clearance form.
  • Malpractice insurance for medical professionals.

4. What are the required fees for this type of license?

Medical specialists applying for this type of license are required to pay the verification, exam, and licensing fees. Exam fees, on the other hand, differ according to the type of exam applied for. Meanwhile, licensing fees are dependent on the specialization field.

Likewise, here is a list of some fees for different medical areas:

  • Physicians: AED 2,600.
  • Nurse: AED 300.
  • Pharmacist: AED 300.
  • Tech: AED 300.
  • Pharmacist tech: AED 150.

5. How can you register for the HAAD license exam?

After successful verification, you must log onto the official website and follow the following process to register for the exam:

  1. Log onto the system.
  2. Click on E-licensing and choose the examination option.
  3. Choose “Exam Scheduling” and click on “Book”.
  4. Pay the required fee and print the ticket.

But when it comes to the steps to business registration, this is what you need to have in mind.

You can pay the complete fee with a credit card. In addition, the exams are taken in authorized testing centers in your country of origin. But HAAD license exam test center in Abu Dhabi is DOH Abu Dhabi.

5.1. Special conditions

Certain medical professionals are exempt from taking this exam as it is specified on the HAAD website. In the same vein, medical professionals over the age of 60 must take annual Medical Fitness Examinations from SEHA facilities.

6. Can you renew your HAAD license?

Healthcare professionals who already have the HAAD license must renew it after 5 years; starting from the time of successfully passing the exam. Before the renewal, you may be required to pass certain exams or provide some documents. However, the sponsoring license facilities can request their healthcare professionals to apply for the license renewal.

We will help you complete this entire process on your behalf. Just like the HAAD licensing application process, you can apply for renewals online. Here is the entire process:

  1. You must fill out the entire online application on the portal.
  2. submit the required paperwork.
  3. Make all payments at the Health Professional Licensing Section.
  4. Received your license renewal via your preferred courier.

But first, after you obtain your license, you may want to open your medical business, if that is your case, there are a few important things you should also know.

6.1. What are the required documents for the license renewal?

Individuals looking to renew their HAAD license must provide the following documents:

  • A recent valid passport-sized photo with white background.
  • Continuous Medical Education.
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Family Book (if you are a UAE national).
  • Verification report.
  • Valid passport.
  • UAE identification card.

The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi mentions the following fees for license renewals:

Pharmacy technicians

  • One-year renewal: AED 100.
  • Two-year renewal: AED 100.
  • Penalties per month: AED 37.


  • One-year renewal: AED 200.
  • Two-year renewal: AED 300.
  • Penalties per month: AED 50.

Technicians (clinical support service)

  • One-year renewal: AED 200.
  • Two-year renewal: AED 300.
  • Penalties per month: AED 50.


  • One-year renewal: AED 200.
  • Two-year renewal: AED 300.
  • Penalties per month: AED 50.


  • One-year renewal: AED 850.
  • Two-year renewal: AED 1,600.
  • Penalties per month: AED 625.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have plenty of thriving sectors. Here is a list of them.

Licenses that are not renewed within 6 months after the due expiry date are canceled by law automatically. In addition, applicants will incur penalties if they do not renew their licenses before the scheduled expiry date.

7. Why should you obtain the HAAD healthcare license?

Certainly, there is a great demand for healthcare and medical professionals in Abu Dhabi. The UAE, on the other hand, has over 40 public hospitals across the seven emirates. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is expanding hospitals and health facilities in all the emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi.

There is a massive demand for jobs that need filling. In addition, obtaining this license will allow you to obtain many privileges and advantages such as:

7.1. Ensure quality assurance

Firstly, the HAAD license provides quality assurance in the medical sector and ensures the quality standards in the medical community are consistently met.

7.2. Prevent losing revenues

It can contribute to preventing medical practicians lose massive amounts of money in lost revenue from denied or delayed reimbursements. Hence, if a medical practice allows you to deliver services during the credentialing process; the insurance payer can backdate the reimbursement in order to cover the treatment.

7.3. Improves patient safety

This ensures physicians and practices have the skills and experience necessary to perform procedures on their patients. Likewise, it also contributes to reducing the risk of medical errors caused by incompetency.

Another way to improve patient well-being is to have a solid legal business in the UAE, if that is what you want, we got your back.

7.4. Improves medical reputation

Nowadays, patients are always researching healthcare entities and their medics before committing to them. That is to say when patients search for a medical practitioner, they want to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy.

8. Frequently asked questions about the HAAD license in Abu Dhabi

Following, you will find the most common questions regarding this license:

8.1. Can all medical professionals apply for the HAAD exam?

Yes. All medical practitioners can apply for the HAA application as long as they meet all the qualifications and requirements needed for the exam.

8.2. Am I required to go to Abu Dhabi for the HAAD registration?

You can process the exam online and you do not need to visit the emirate and apply personally to the licensing entity to process the application.

8.3. What are the different locations where I can take the HAAD licensing exam?

Candidates from various countries around the globe can register and schedule. In addition, you can sit for the exam in your home country at your nearest testing site available for examination.

8.4. Can I retake the HAAD exam if I fail?

Like any other exam, retakes are possible for the Abu Dhabi HAAD license exam. But you must take certain steps to be eligible again to take it.

8.5. Is the exam available only in English?

Yes. In addition, the HAAD licensing examinations are only available in English.

8.6. How can I access the results of my HAAD examination exam?

You may access your official exam results by login in with the corresponding details given to you such as username and password.

8.7. Can I transfer the HAAD report to another licensing entity for the exam application process? What professionals are eligible for the exam exemption?

ASCPI and USRNs with an active license that is not lapsed or expired are eligible for the DOH exam exemption. After the candidates’ exemption is approved, then your new employer can link it to the DOH Abu Dhabi for licensing issuance.

8.8. If I am a candidate holder of a Diploma of Masters in Nursing (MAN) am I exempted from taking the exam?

In short, no. Candidates who have a Diploma of Masters in Nursing are not exempted from the exam and must take the exam and pass.

8.9. Are there ratings or grating scores written on my HAAD-DOOH exam result?

There are two types of exam results, either you will pass or fail. Moreover, there are no examination scores, or exam certificates issued regardless if you passed or failed the examination.

9. How can we assist you to obtain the HAAD license in Abu Dhabi?

The HAAD is the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. In addition, the HAAD license exam is essential to pass for registered medical professionals such as pharmacists and nurses wishing to work in Abu Dhabi. Likewise, the HAAD also is in charge of administering the medical licensing eligibility exam.

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