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Have you ever considered starting your business in Dubai? You can do it now by taking advantage of online shopping. Now you can have access to endless opportunities by applying for a trade license Dubai and establishing your online store. You do not even have to leave your house to start the process.

Here at ConnectFZ, we can help you set up an e-commerce store in no time, so you can make sales and offer your services to a bigger audience in one of the most booming economies of the Middle East. Our experts will help you navigate the entire process so you can save time, effort, and money.  

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We will explain the most important considerations about the E Trader License​

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Get your E Trade License in UAE and obtain amazing benefits

Here at ConnectFZ, we understand how crucial it is for an investor to get all of the legal paperwork to start their operations soon. For this reason, we want to help you to enjoy all the advantages of establishing your online business in the UAE.

By being the holder of a UAE e commerce license you can enjoy the following benefits:

Global Trading

Get to participate in global trading since there are no currency restrictions


Total repatriation of the revenue earned and capital invested


100% foreign ownership of your company in a Free Zone

Low Operational cost

Low operational costs which lead to offering more competitive prices

Participations in Exibitions

Participate in exhibitions and conferences

Protect your Trade Name

Protect your trade name and use it on your online store

Temporary Employment

Get temporary employment services

Banking Offers

Get the chance to enjoy banking offers

Training & Workshops

Participate in training and workshops

We help you select the best e-trading license activity

The e-commerce industry has been expanding in the entire UAE, for this reason, you can select among the variety of activities you can perform with your e trader license Dubai. If you are unfamiliar with e-trading license activities, our goal is to help you select the one that suits the nature of your business:

  • E-Trader License: with this license, you can sell products and provide services online.
  • Portal License: you can start your online business with this license by having a website that lists all the products and services you are offering.
  • Virtual Company License: with this type of license you can undertake commercial activities in Dubaiz

Let us guide you through the E-commerce business setup process

Legal structure

We will help you determine which legal entity is best suited for your online business, whether it is an LLC, branch, representative office, or other.


Our team helps you decide on which jurisdiction is best for your new entity. You can choose between Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore.

Trade name

Your brand is the most important aspect of your business. This is why we help you register your trade name so you can have a solid identity.

Initial Approval

Once we have helped you gather the documentation, we will proceed to obtain the Initial Approval Certificate (NOC) which allows you to start your e-commerce business.


With our expert consultants, you can get your Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) to submit for your company registration.

Import/Export requirements

We will assist you to obtain your importer’s code by registering at any of the ports and customs authorities, so you can carry out importing activities.

Become an investor if you match the E-Commerce Criteria

To obtain the e commerce license UAE you need to comply with the legal criteria. For this reason, here at ConnectFZ, we help you navigate these kinds of complexities and help you understand under which category you fall:

  • Home-based businesses and individuals that sell products online
  • Mothers and housewives can apply too for a trade license if they sell hand-made items, jewelry, fashion apparel, and others
  • Businesses and individuals that want to operate in Dubai but do not want to rent a physical space
  • Freelancers that offer online services
  • Home-based businesses that do not need or want a local partner

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Comply with the requirements for E Trader License in UAE with our help

Our team of experts will help you prepare the set of papers that need to be submitted to the government authorities so they can issue you the e-commerce license. We understand how challenging can be to deal with legal formalities, for this reason, we help you gather the following documentation:

  • Application form
  • Passport and visa copy of shareholders
  • Proof of identity and address of shareholders
  • Sponsor’s passport/emirates ID copy
  • Local service agreement
  • MOA and Articles of Association

Why ConnectFz for UAE E-Commerce License?

ConnectFZ is your best option for obtaining your e commerce trade license Dubai fast. We guarantee a hassle-free process so you can focus on the strategies to grow your online business. With our unrivalled expertise and extensive knowledge of the process, we help you get your license without issues.

Contact us now to get a tailored service provided by our business consultants so you can start selling your products and services in the UAE market. We are the perfect option to solve your needs since we provide a hands-on approach and valuable insight that will keep your business up and running.