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The UAE is the perfect place for investing, and by doing this you can also get your UAE Investor Visa with our support. You can make Dubai your home and headquarter for your global business by being a real estate investor. If you have ever dreamed about living in a top location, now is the time to do it.

ConnectFZ can help you get your Investor Visa UAE so you do not have to worry about anything. Since we handle the entire process you can devote yourself to planning your travel to the UAE and your next move. With our assistance, you will not have to deal with paperwork or legalities, because we handle everything.

We are your best option for a hassle-free application to get your Investor Visa Dubai in no time!

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Enjoy the best benefits with your UAE Investor Visa

With your Investor Visa, you can reside in a place that is recognized for having the fastest-growing economy and friendly business policies. Therefore, it can help you boost your quality of life, and we are here to make that happen.

Get the following UAE investor visa benefits with our support:

Multiple Perks

Get the possibility to apply for a UAE driving license

Life with Low Taxes

Enjoy low taxes

No Need Of Sponsorship

No need for a local sponsor

UAE Residence

Get a long-term residency

Sponsor Your Family

You can sponsor your relatives (spouse and children)

Business Opportunities

Access to business opportunities

Match the criteria for being eligible for a UAE Investor Visa

By investing in a property in the UAE you can apply for an investor visa Dubai if you meet the criteria. For this reason, we can help you understand if you are eligible for this document, so you do not have to deal with complex requirements.

This is why our team assesses your current status to determine the best route for your application. You can apply for an Investor Visa if you comply with the following:

5-year Investor Visa UAE

  • Invest in a property valued at AED 2 million or more
  • If the property is mortgaged, the value paid to the bank must be at least AED 2 million
  • The investor must retain the property for at least 3 years

3-year Investor Visa UAE

  • Invest in a property valued at over AED 750,000
  • If the property is mortgaged, at least AED 750,000 must be paid to the bank
  • The property can be shared between a husband and a wife, but it has to be valued at at least AED 1 million

Let us support you in the process to get your UAE Investor Visa

Obtaining your UAE Investor Visa can be easier by having a team of experts backing your operations. ConnectFZ can be the best ally for relieving your burden and navigating you through the challenges of getting this document.

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Our experts are gladly awaiting you. We will solve all of your doubts so you can decide to partner with us.


With our extensive knowledge of the Investor Visa criteria, we help you determine under which category you fall to decide the best strategy to apply.


We will help you get all the documentation you need. We also take care of ensuring it is in accordance with the requirements, to speed up the process.


Our team will apply on your behalf, filling out the application to ensure there are no errors and you can get your document in no time.

Receive your visa

After your application is approved, you will receive your Investor Visa and you can start planning your trip to the UAE.

Constant support

We also provide additional assistance with other services you may require, such as processing the family visa for your spouse and children.

Get assistance with the requirements

Here at ConnectFZ, we understand how overwhelming can be to gather the documentation you require for your application. This is why we provide comprehensive assistance to ensure you have everything you need:

  • Applicant’s passport copy
  • Title deed certificate
  • Applicant’s photo
  • Valid health insurance certificate
  • Copy of Emirates ID (if any)
  • Copy of UAE Visa (if any)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Bank letter (for mortgaged properties)

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ConnectFZ helps you get your Investor Visa UAE

If you have made an investment in real estate in the UAE, now is your chance to apply for a UAE Investor Visa. You will become part of the prosperous economy of the country, and you can start conducting your business from this location. As an investor, you can enjoy all the advantages Dubai has to offer.

Depending on the value of your investment, we will help you decide which visa type is more suitable for you. In addition, we can help you get a family visa for your spouse and children, so you can reside in this marvelous location with your loved ones. We are your go-to option for your immigration needs.

Our goal is to assist you on each step to ensure a great outcome that matches your requirements.