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The UAE is known for being the perfect location for having a high quality of life. So, if you want to retire in an amazing place, then the retirement visa UAE is perfect for you. You will be able to live in Dubai legally and enjoy all the great advantages it has to offer for retirees, with its incredible residential facilities and upbeat energy.

With its multicultural and friendly population, you can enjoy the lifestyle experiences that no other place has to offer. If you have been working for your whole life, now is the time to slow your pace and delight in the great things about this prosperous country in the Middle East.

Here at ConnectFZ, we can help you get your retirement visa in no time, so you can fulfil your dream of living in the UAE.

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Enjoy the benefits of a Retirement Visa with our help

The UAE Retirement Visa provides many benefits to its holder. By contacting one of our experts, we can help you navigate the challenges to obtain your Retirement Visa UAE, so you can start receiving the following benefits:

You Can Renew It

You can renew your visa once it has expired so you can continue residing in the UAE

5 Year Stay

Get a 5-year visa to stay legally in the UAE

No Need Of Sponsorship

No need for a local sponsor

UAE Residence

Get a long-term residency

Sponsor Your Family

You can sponsor your relatives (spouse and children)

Business Opportunities

Get the chance to work on the projects you want

Get to know if you are eligible for a Retirement Visa UAE

Do you want to apply for a UAE retirement visa? If so, we have a team that helps you determine if you are eligible and how to apply.

Every individual must be at least 55 years old to apply, and, additionally, he or she must comply with one of the following financial criteria:

  • Income: have a sustainable income of AED 180,000 at least per year.
  • Savings: have AED 1 million saved on a 3-year fixed deposit
  • Property: have AED 1 million on a property (not mortgaged) or payment to the date of AED 1 million for a mortgaged property
  • Savings & Property: have a 3-year fixed deposit of AED 500,000 and a property of AED 500,000

Our team supports you through the process to get a Retirement Visa

If you want to get your UAE Retirement Visa, ConnectFZ is your best choice. We have established a seamless process that will ensure you can get your documentation so you can start living in the UAE.

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Get to talk with one of our representatives to submit your inquiries. We will take care of solving all of your doubts before the process begins.

Financial criteria

Our team evaluates your current status to determine your eligibility and financial criteria. This will determine the route of the application.


We will handle all of your documentation and ensures it falls under the requirements so there are no errors on the submission.


Our specialists will fill out the application form on your behalf, to ensure there are no mistakes and guarantee it gets processed quickly.

Get your retirement visa

After you get your approval, you can receive your Retirement Visa UAE and start your plans of moving to the country.

Ongoing support

Once you have received your visa, we can continue providing support on any other service you require such as sponsoring your relatives. You just have to request more information about it.

Let us help you with your documentation

The documents required are the following (for all 4 financial criteria):

  • Applicant’s passport copy
  • Copy of UAE Visa (if you are a UAE resident)
  • Copy of Emirates ID (if you are a UAE resident)
  • Marriage certificate copy (if sponsoring your spouse)

Depending on the financial criteria you fall under, you will have to submit the following additional documents:

  • Income: proof of income and a 6-month bank statement
  • Savings: proof of savings letter and proof of retirement letter
  • Property: copy of title deed
  • Savings & Property: copy of title deed and proof of savings letter

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ConnectFZ is your go-to partner for getting your Retirement Visa

The UAE is the perfect place to live as a retiree. You can enjoy the sunshine, explore the city’s outstanding location, and even just relax by the sea. For this reason, now you can apply for a Retirement Visa UAE and start living this dream. You can travel with your family and live great moments by their side.

Here at ConnectFZ, we aim to provide comprehensive assistance to retirees that want to get the legal documentation to reside in the UAE. We have helped thousands of expatriates to get Retirement Visas so they can move to Dubai and you can be next! We are gladly awaiting to hear from you to start the process to help you become a UAE Resident.