business setup in Dubai South free zone

In the southern area of Dubai, you can find the free zone called Dubai South; which is the registered trademark of Dubai Aviation City Corporation, which is the licensing authority for this free zone. In this area, there are several districts specially for logistics, the humanitarian sector, aviation, residential and more. For all commercial activities, the business setup in Dubai South free zone is very advantageous.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about the business setup in Dubai South free zone. The most important thing that entrepreneurs who want to start a Dubai South company setup should know is the commercial activities that they can carry out. In addition, you will see all the licenses that you can opt for if you decide to open your company in this free zone. Specifically, we will discuss.

1. Do you know the Dubai South activity list?

Business setup in Dubai south free zone

If you want to do your business formation, you should know that Dubai South has a very extensive list of business activities. Among the groups, you can find commercial activity, service, consulting, and manufacturing. Also, you can get a freelance permit. The business setup in Dubai’s south free zone for some activities may require some experience in a similar field or a degree that is certified.

It is important to know that it is not allowed to combine activities that are not related or that under the same license are commercial and service activities. On the other hand, it is important to take advantage of the fact of business opportunities for foreigners in Dubai, especially when it comes to free zones.

1.1 What are the prohibited commercial activities?

It is important to know that as there are a large number of commercial activities that are biding, there are also those that are illegal. Therefore, for the business setup in Dubai south free zone you must take into account that the following activities are not legal.

  • Tax-free Operations.
  • A banking business and any type of financial or investment activity carried out on behalf of third parties.
  • Accessibility to main roads.
  • An on-site license and visa authorization.
  • A very large number of commercial activities.

2. Step-by-step guide to start the Dubai South free zone company formation

Something important for you to know when carrying out a business setup in Dubai’s south free zone is that the owners of the company must be present in person. This is necessary for the verification of the applicant’s signature. If the visit is not possible, they must make a power of attorney biding by the embassy of the UAE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

company formation in DWC

To carry out the process of your company, you must follow a few short and easy steps.

  1. Get pre-approval.
  2. Applicants must visit to verify signatures.
  3. Make Dubai south free zone license cost payments
  4. Go look for the requested license.

2.1 Learn what is the Dubai south free zone license cost

Carrying out the business setup in Dubai South free zone, has one of the installation costs among the free zones of Dubai. The first thing you should know is that you need an executive office and for every 9 square meters, you are can obtain a visa. The cost of offices generally costs AED 1,300 – 1,600 per square meter per year. In addition, investors must pay all visa and immigration fees separately to the relevant entities.

3. What are the types of licenses that exist in Dubai South?

business setup in Dubai South free zone

A large number of licenses can be found in Dubai South for those people who are looking for an investment opportunity. For this reason, we will present the available licenses below:

3.1 The aviation license

This license will allow the holder to perform certain services that are related to aviation.

3.2 General trade

This is a license that allows commercial companies that are engaged in certain commercial activities that need special approvals. Therefore, among them are the commercialization, import, and re-export of any legal merchandise.

3.3 The logistics license

With this license, the holder can carry out specific logistics services. An example of this is activities of transport, storage, classification, distribution, order management, inventory, etc.

3.4 The education license

This license allows the holder to perform social and educational services, training, and educational consulting.

3.5 The industrial license

Thanks to this license, the holder will be able to carry out a specific light manufacturing activity. For instance, mixing, forming, assembling, repackaging, or wrapping any type of product.

3.6 The business license

With the trade license, the holder is allowed to export, import, distribute, sell, and store all the items that are specified in this license. However, those companies that are in free zones and have a business license will only be able to sell products that are finished in the UAE market. In addition, this must be done through a local distributor or through a commercial agent that is correctly registered in the UAE.

3.7 The service license

These service licenses are special for free zone companies that support the logistics industry and will introduce the services. Among these are services such as software, training, consulting, catering, and also repair.

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