We offer you the support you need to apply for a Spouse Visa in the UAE. We will take care of managing, & processing your application, determining the criteria and eligibility so you can quickly get your UAE Spouse Visa.

Apply For a Spouse/Family Visa With ConnectFZ

The UAE is home to many expatriates that come from around the world. If you are going to reside in the UAE, you do not have to live away from your family, because you can apply for a spouse visa in Dubai and bring your partner and children with you.

Our team of specialists has extensive knowledge of the entire process so you can get the outcome you expect. So, do not leave behind your wife or husband in your home country, instead, get a UAE visa for them with our assistance.

Get Spouse Visa in Dubai

Whether you are currently residing in the UAE, or you are planning to move to Dubai, you can bring your spouse along with you by applying for a spouse visa in UAE. Both employers and employees can sponsor their dependents provided they hold a valid UAE Visa and meet the eligibility criteria. You just have to contact us to speed up the process, since we can help you get the required documents ready and start the application in no time.

Fastest Processing Time for your UAE Spouse Visa

We fill out the application so it does not have any errors, and once they get the entry permit, we take care of assisting them in getting the UAE Family Visa. Your husband/wife can get his/her visa in two weeks. With this visa, they can now live with you in UAE and start the next chapter of their lives by making this place their home for the next years.

Hassle-Free visa Processing

We offer the most competitive rates for the spouse visa Dubai cost so you do not have to exceed your budget. Moreover, we also provide the renewal service for your spouse’s visa so you can have your documentation updated to avoid penalties. With ConnectFZ you can save time and money with your visa processing. We ensure our service surpasses your expectations.


Let us guide you through the process to get your UAE Spouse Visa.

Our team helps you gather all the required documents you will need for your application. Also, we take care of obtaining all the necessary approvals.
Our team ensures to submit all of your documents to the respective Authority. We guarantee a hassle-free and error-free application.
We will let you know when your application gets approved so you can start planning your travel to the UAE to finalize the process.
Medical Fitness Test
We help your spouse and children take the medical fitness test at a government health centre so they can get the medical certificate required for the application.
Get your Family Visa
Once your application has been approved, your spouse and children can get their UAE Residence Visa and stay legally in the UAE.
Ongoing support
We will help you with any other aspect you want our help with since our team of specialists will be always there to support you.

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    Enjoy Great Benefits with the UAE Spouse Visa

    As an investor, entrepreneur, freelancer, or skilled individual, you can apply for the Spouse Visa with our assistance to receive the following benefits:

    UAE Residence

    • You can both make the UAE your home so you can live legally in the country

    Visa Renewal

    • Renew the UAE visa for your spouse every time you need by paying a renewal fee

    Be the Sponsor

    • With your UAE Visa you can sponsor your dependents without needing an additional sponsor

    Easy Requirements

    • The process requires few documents and it is pretty straightforward

    Work Permit

    • Your spouse can get a work permit and start working legally in the UAE

    Same Visa Duration

    • Your spouse will get the UAE Visa for the same duration as yours

    Learn About The UAE Spouse Visa Eligibility Criteria with ConnectFZ

    To apply for a Spouse Visa, if you are a male employee you must have a valid UAE residence visa, and earn a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. If you are a female expatriate looking to sponsor your husband, you must be employed as an engineer, doctor, or teacher or hold a medical sector role, have a valid UAE residence visa, and earn a minimum salary of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.

    Also, your husband/wife must pass the medical fitness test at a UAE health center to proceed with the application

    Learn About The UAE Spouse Visa Document Requirements with ConnectFZ

    • Sponsor’s passport (copy and original)
    • Sponsor’s Emirates ID and UAE Visa
    • Dependents’ passport (copy and original)
    • Dependents’ passport-sized photograph
    • Sponsor’s salary certificate and attested work contract
    • Marriage certificate attested by the UAE Authorities
    • Medical clearance certificate for your wife/husband and children over 18 years old
    • Attested tenancy contract
    • Latest utility bill
    • Application form (online or through a registered typing center in the UAE)


    Get a UAE Residence Visa for your Spouse with ConnectFZ

    Do not worry about anything because we will handle the procedure on your behalf. From helping you understand the criteria, and gathering the documentation, to ensuring you have everything for starting the application, we got you covered. Our goal is to help you reunite with your spouse and children so you can start enjoying together all the best the UAE has to offer.

    ConnectFZ is your trustworthy provider for ensuring a successful application for the UAE Family Visa