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All over the world people are trying to minimize the effect that COVID – 19 has had on their businesses. The pandemic has made everyone realize now more than ever, just how important it is to carry on with company operations in any way possible, no matter the capacity, and while still following the appropriate global health practices. With this in mind, foreign investors have been questioning if it is still possible to open their business and bank accounts across the UAE.

Here at Connectfz our experts will help you set up your UAE business and corporate bank account remotely. Companies are able to continue their regular operations despite self-quarantine and social distancing regulations due to the wide reach of the internet and telework capabilities. It is also these that make setting up remotely in the UAE possible.

We take into consideration all aspects of your business needs including, activity, budget, location and time frame. This will help us to compare the many Free Zones making sure we find the best fit for you. This guide will help you to understand everything you need to know about setting up your company and corporate bank account in the UAE remotely.

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Step 1 - Understanding Your Needs

Step 2 - Free Zones ​

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Step 3 - Documents

The Process

Passport copy

We will need a copy of your passport to send to the Free Zone in order for them to handle the security checks.

Business names

3-5 business names are needed depending on where you are planning to set up. This is just to make sure we can still start with the process if your first few choices are unavailable.

Entry stamp

A copy of your previous UAE entry stamp is needed to go with your passport copy for security checks.

Security Approval Form

This form will ask you details such as Qualifications, Mother and fathers full name and marital status. Once you have filled out this form you will need to send it back along with a copy of your attested degree.

Registration & licensing application form

This will include all of the standard information a Free Zone should know when setting up your license e.g. Full name, date of birth, share percentage, etc.

Specimen signature form

For this form you will have to fill out the name, designation, contact phone number and a signature for each shareholder of the company.

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