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Meydan Freezone (MFZ)

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What is
Meydan Freezone?

Meydan Free Zone, strategically placed within Meydan Stadium, is a creative creation of the Dubai government that aims to connect the area globally through holding world-class events. Furthermore, the Meydan project includes not only Meydan Stadium and Meydan Free Zone, but also a variety of commercial buildings, hotels, sports centers, entertainment stations, and a variety of sophisticated amenities. Consequently, if you are thinking about starting your business in Dubai, the Meydan Free Zone is a great alternative.


How to set up your business in MFZ?

Choose business activity and trade name
Choose the business license that you need to carry out your selected activities.
Choose the legal structure of your company
Determine what kind of legal entity you want for your company.
Select the space
Then, select the space and facilities you require to operate your business.
Submit Documents
Submit all the documents that the business setup process requires along with the payments of the necessary fees. The MFZ license fees will probably be the most important fees that you must pay.
Start operating your business
You will receive your issued license to allow you to start operating your business within the free zone.

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    Documents for business setup in MFZ

    Individuals Shareholder(s)
    Corporate Shareholder(s)

    Meydan Freezone

    Business Licenses for Business Setup in MFZ.

    Consulting License

    It gives the right to engage in consulting activities including management, business, human resources, and also other expert services.

    Commercial License

    Permits the import, export, trade, and distribution of various items. Furthermore, be aware that Meydan Free Zone currently does not provide warehouse space.

    Media License

    This license comprises all forms of communication, media, and also advertising services.

    Freelance License

    It makes it possible for people to work for themselves as independent contractors or without being long-term employees.


    Benefits of doing business in MFZ.


    Avail world-class facilities & business activities at MFZ

    Due to its extremely affordable license choices, Meydan Free Zone is the right place for independent contractors or small start-ups. It can also be the perfect location for anyone who want to start a business close to the downtown area of Dubai. In addition, it includes:


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