Industrial License in Dubai,UAE

Our team of specialists can help you get your Industrial license in Dubai so you can conduct business effectively without having to deal with tedious paperwork since we take care of everything.

Get Your UAE Industrial License.

Getting your UAE industrial license has never been easier. Start your business in the UAE by letting us help you from start to finish with the registration and licensing process. You can manufacture goods in the UAE and trade them across the Emirates or even in international markets.

Here at ConnectFZ we help investors expand their businesses to the UAE that want to carry out production, packaging, assembling, and other related activities.

Benefits of Dubai Industrial License

With your Industrial license in UAE, you can become in one of the exclusive industrial business owners that have decided to take their operations to a prosperous market. Thus, you can get outstanding benefits that will help you to take your business further. Also, as an Industrial license holder, you can also enjoy several advantages in the UAE.

Timeline for Industrial License

Applying for the industrial license with us is a pretty straightforward and simple process. From the moment you contact us, we start advising you on the actions to take to ensure everything is done fast. Also, since we ensure an error-free application, you do not have to deal with re-submission or rejections.

Cost of UAE Industrial License

If you are looking for the best Industrial license cost in Dubai you have come to the right place. We analyse your requirements to provide a solution that suits your budget, so you do not have to deal with unexpected expenses.  Our goal is to help you set up your business fast in the UAE while saving time and money.


Let Us Guide You Through The Process Of Dubai Industrial License.

Reach out to one of our experts to submit your request so we can analyse your needs and provide a suitable solution
We help you select the proper business activities that align with the nature of your business and with what you expect to perform in the UAE.
Company Registration
Our team of experts help you register your company and obtain all the required documentation for submission during the application process.
We provide valuable insight on how to select the best location for your business, so your clients can find you quickly and easily.
We fill out the application form and gather all the documentation required for its submission. With our help, you can be sure you will get approval fast.
Ongoing support
We will help you with any other aspect you want our help with since our team of specialists will be always there to support you.

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    Get To Know

    List of Activities you can perform under UAE Industrial License.

    With the Industrial trade license in Dubai, you can select among hundreds of activities for you to start a successful industrial enterprise. As a business owner, you can decide in which activities to engage among manufacturing, packaging, production, assembling, segregation, accumulation, & more.

    Steel workshops


    Paper Slitting

    Processing of Meat

    Waste Treatment

    Food Production

    Steel Casting

    Manufacturing of Glass Goods

    Fabrication of Paper Goods

    Steel Casting

    Benefits of
    Industrial License in Dubai,UAE.

    • Access to rent exclusive industrial space
    • Discounted rates for utilities such as water, electricity and others
    • Get access to a booming market
    • If you develop an innovative product, you get government endorsement and you can even be eligible for extra funding
    • Access to resources and support by the government to new and growing businesses in the industrial area
    • You can rent discounted land where to set up your industrial facility
    • Get to apply for UAE Visa
    • Hire employees and start expanding your industrial business in the UAE

    Documents Required For
    UAE Industrial License

    • Factory location
    • Passport copies of shareholders
    • Copy of balance sheet
    • Company documentation
    • Ministry of Health Approval
    • Ministry of Environment and Water Approval
    • National Media Council Approval
    • Ministry of Interior Approval


    Why choose ConnectFZ for Industrial License in Dubai, UAE?

    ConnectFZ is your best option for getting your Industrial License in Dubai. We understand that navigating the application process and understanding how to get industrial license in UAE can be challenging. For this reason, we offer our deep knowledge and expertise to help you get your license.

    • Get assistance from business licensing experts
    • We ensure administrative approvals
    • Start your industrial company in Dubai in no time
    • End-to-end service and utmost assistance