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What is
Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Freezone?

Sharjah Media City Freezone, most commonly known as SHAMS Free Zone, is one of the most promising places in the UAE where you can incorporate your company. Although is one of the new free trade zone comparatively, since it was founded in 2017, it has proven to be a popular place that attracts businesses in the media sector.

SHAMS is the perfect location for companies that carry out media-based activities since it’s a creative hub that fosters ingenious entrepreneurs and investors. Establishing your company in this Free Zone can be a wise decision, even if you don’t belong to the media sector since it also caters to several other industries.


How to Set Up your Business in SHAMS?

Choose the business license
Choose the business license that you need to carry out your selected activities.
Choose the legal structure of your company
Determine what kind of legal entity you want for your company.
Select the space
Then, select the space and facilities you require to operate your business.
Submit Documents
Gather the documentation and submit it along with the application form.
Start operating your business
You will receive your issued license to allow you to start operating your business within the free zone.

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    Documents for Business Setup in SHAMS

    Sharjah Media City

    Business Licenses for Business Setup in SHAMS.

    General Trading License

    This license allows you to perform the same activities as the trade license. However, it allows you to trade a wider range of goods and products.

    Service License

    This one is a tailor-made license for companies that offer services instead of products, like those companies that provide IT services.

    Industrial License

    With this license, you can perform industrial activities, such as manufacturing, packaging, assembling, and more.

    Holding License

    If you’re interested in controlling assets such as real estate, stock, trademark, and others you should apply for this type of license.


    Benefits of Doing Business in SHAMS


    Avail world class facilities & business activities at SHAMS

    Allowed types of companies in SHAMS

    Establishing a business in SHAMS requires you to select among the various types of legal structures available. SHAMS Authority offers the following options regarding legal entities:

    Limited Liability Company

    You can establish an LLC as an individual shareholder or a corporate shareholder.

    Branch of an Existing Company

    Minimum share capital is not a requirement. Besides, the branch office can belong to a local or a foreign company.

    Businesses that want to establish their presence in this promising Free Zone can select among the various facilities that SHAMS provides. You can serve your clients and carry out your functions from one of these comfortable places to set up your office:


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