Professional License in Dubai, UAE

Use your knowledge to offer your professional services in the UAE by getting a Professional license in Dubai with our assistance. Become a top expert in your field and get a lot of clients by being a licensed professional with the help of our expert consultants. 

Get Your UAE Professional License.

Start your professional business in Dubai with our help so you can increase your revenue and establish your brand. Here at ConnectFZ, we understand that navigating the complexities of licensing can be overwhelming. For this reason, we offer comprehensive support.

Our goal is to help you overcome the challenges so you can get your professional license in no time and start running your professional business smoothly. 

Benefits of Dubai Professional License

Benefits of Dubai Professional License

It is your time to start offering your professional services in Dubai by letting us assist you through the entire process. By partnering with us you can understand the difference between professional and commercial license in Dubai, and our experts can advise you on selecting the proper activity that suits your desired business. 

Timeline for Professional License

Timeline for Professional License

Applying for a professional license does not have to be a long process. We help you gather the professional license requirements in Dubai so you can save time in the application. Also, by submitting an error-free application we ensure you get your license issued in no time. 

Cost of UAE Professional License

Cost of UAE Professional License

We offer the most competitive professional license in Dubai cost so you can save money and not have to deal with high expenses. Our solutions are aimed at your needs, and for this reason, you can select the one that suits your budget. We cover everything from start to finish. 


Let Us Guide You Through The Process Of Dubai Professional License.

Reach out to one of our experts to submit your request so we can analyse your needs and provide a suitable solution
We help you select the proper business activities that align with the nature of your business and with what you expect to perform in the UAE.
Company Registration
Our team of experts help you register your company and obtain all the required documentation for submission during the application process.
We provide valuable insight on how to select the best location for your business, so your clients can find you quickly and easily.
We fill out the application form and gather all the documentation required for its submission. With our help, you can be sure you will get approval fast.
Ongoing support
We will help you with any other aspect you want our help with since our team of specialists will be always there to support you.

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    Get To Know

    List of Activities you can perform under UAE Professional License.

    Become a successful professional and increase your earnings by getting your professional license with ConnectFZ. Although choosing your preferred business activity may be overwhelming, you have nothing to worry about. Our consultants help you select among several professional license activities in Dubai according to the tasks you are going to undertake or the service you will offer.

    Beauty Salons

    Security Services

    Consultancy Services

    Book Printing & Publishing

    Legal Consultancy & Advisory

    Accounting & Auditing

    IT Services

    Healthcare Services

    Teaching & Educational Services

    Entertainment Artists

    Benefits of
    Prfoessional License in Dubai,UAE.

    • A vast range of activities to choose from
    • Tax benefits such as no corporate taxes in some jurisdictions
    • Access to a flexible and prosperous market
    • Get clients from across the UAE and even in international locations
    • 100% business ownership
    • Fast processing time
    • Cost-effective renewal rates for your professional license
    • Offer your services legally in the UAE

    Documents Required For
    UAE Professional License

    • Completed application form
    • Passport copy of company owner
    • Local Service Agreement
    • Copy of UAE Visa
    • Initial Approval issued by the Authority depending on the type of activity


    Why choose ConnectFZ for Professional License in Dubai, UAE?

    We want to help you on your journey from professional to entrepreneur. For this reason, we offer our valuable insight and deep knowledge to support you in getting your Professional License. Also, we help you save time and money with our Professional license cost in Dubai

    • We are experts in the registration and licensing fields
    • Get exclusive advice from experienced business consultants
    • Support through each stage of the licensing process
    • Comprehensive support and end-to-end assistance