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Get your long-term residency and start enjoying all the advantages the UAE has to offer to its residents. You can invest, work, and live in Dubai or any of the other Emirates to start boosting your career and improving your life.

Here at ConnectFZ, we focus on providing top visa services to those that want to reside in this promising country of the Middle East.

Know About UAE Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is part of the new visa schemes of the UAE designed with the aim to attract talent and investors to boost the local economy. As a foreign investor, scientist, entrepreneur, or outstanding student, you get the chance to apply for this exclusive visa while enjoying all the amazing benefits it offers.

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Our team helps you understand under which category you fall, so we can help you gather all the documentation you need. If you are a real estate owner, investor or an Employee. You can still get Dubai Golden Visa depending on your Investments, Designations or monthly Income. 

Unmatched Benefits

In Dubai, one of the many benefits is that people can obtain a driving license without needing extra classes when they have a Golden Visa and a valid driver’s license from their home country. On the other hand, in Abu Dhabi, Golden Visa holders can obtain discounts and offers on healthcare, insurance, hospitality, and banking services.


Let us guide you through the process to get your Golden Visa UAE

Our team helps you gather all the required documents you will need for your application. Also, we take care of obtaining all the necessary approvals.
Our team ensures to submit all of your documents to the respective Authority. We guarantee a hassle-free and error-free application.
We will let you know when your application gets approved so you can start planning your travel to the UAE to finalize the process.
Multiple-entry visa
You will get a multiple-entry visa so you can enter the UAE, which will be valid for 6 months. This way, you can travel whenever you want to continue the process.
Residence issuance
The UAE will issue your Golden Visa so you can now become a legal resident of the country. You can start the process to sponsor your family members too with us.
Ongoing support
We will help you with any other aspect you want our help with since our team of specialists will be always there to support you.

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    We help you
    Comprehend the Golden Visa Categories

    Depending on your category, you will need to submit a set of documents to prove that you are eligible for the Golden Visa UAE. In this regard, we can provide support with all the paperwork and more.
    ConnectFZ helps you understand the UAE golden visa requirements:


    • Letter from an investment fund stating a deposit of AED 2 million or,
    • Valid commercial license or industrial license, as well as the MOA of a company with an investor’s capital of a minimum of AED 2 million
    • Letter issued by the Federal Tax Authority with a payment of no less than AED 250,000 to the government
    • Medical insurance certificate
    • The capital must not be on a loan


    • Proof of owning a project valued at no less than AED 500,000
    • Obtain approval for a start-up from the Ministry of Economy or other
    • Have sold an entrepreneurial project for no less than AED 7 million

    Humanitarian Employees

    • Proof to be a member of a major regional and worldwide organization
    • Be an outstanding member of an organization with public benefit aims
    • Be an honoree by a humanitarian organization


    • Recommendation letter by the Ministry of Economy proving that your patent adds value to the country’s economy

    Creative Individuals and Artists

    • Approval letter issued by the Emirate’s department of culture


    • Recommendation letter by one of the sports councils or the General Sport Authority

    Specialists in Engineering and Science

    • Work contract 
    • Copy of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certified by the Ministry of Education

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    Why invest in Golden Visa with us?

    By living in the UAE you can enjoy the several benefits it has to offer to Golden Visa holders. Our team ensures you meet all the requirements so you can apply and get the visa in no time. Enjoy all of these advantages:

    • No need for a sponsor because it is a self-sponsored visa
    • Possibility to sponsor your spouse and children
    • Travel outside the UAE and stay up to six more months in that other location
    • Get a long-term residency (a 5-year or 10-year visa)