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What is
Fujairah Freezone (FFZA)

Due to its combination of important shipping routes, strong connectivity to airports and ports, strategic geographic location, and simplified legal processes, Fujairah Free Zone is a desirable site to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates. The Fujairah Free Zone was created with the intention of providing investors with the ACE (Accessibility, Connectivity, and Economic) triple advantage. It is ideally situated on the UAE’s east coast. Consequently, businesses here have convenient access by weekly feeder vessels to all ports in the Arabian Gulf; the Red Sea; Iran; India, and Pakistan.


How to setup a business in FFZA?

Choose the business license
Choose the business license that you need to carry out your selected activities.
Choose the legal structure of your company
Determine what kind of legal entity you want for your company.
Select the space
Then, select the space and facilities you require to operate your business.
Submit Documents
Submit all the documents that the business setup process requires along with the payments of the necessary fees. The Fujairah license fees will probably be the most important fees that you must pay.
Start operating your business
You will receive your issued license to allow you to start operating your business within the free zone.

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    Documents for business setup in FFZA.

    Fujairah Freezone

    Business Licenses for Business Setup in FFZA.

    Trading License

    According to the terms of this license, the business that holds the trade license may import, export, distribute, and store goods.

    Professional License

    It permits the practice of any profession that offers services according to intellectual or artistic abilities by an individual or a business with a single owner.

    Industrial License

    The business can participate in production tasks, import raw materials, produce goods, and export the final goods with an industrial license.

    Consultancy License

    A consultancy permit in UAE is a popular type of company license. It is generally favored by business, marketing, accounting, and specific-service professionals.


    Benefits of Doing business in FFZA.


    Avail world-class facilities & business activities at FFZA.

    Allowed types of companies in AMCFZ.

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    In FFZA, you can find:

    • Access to nearby & international markets by land, sea, & air.
    • A variety of investing fields are available.
    • Policies that are beneficial to investors.
    • Investment support that is quick and cost-effective.
    • Complete investment security.

    Additionally, you can benefit from the following popular business activities:


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