We offer you the support you need to apply for a Freelance visa in the UAE. We will take care of managing, & processing your application, determining the criteria and eligibility so you can quickly get your UAE Freelance Visa.

Get Your UAE Freelance Visa With Us

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Now you can achieve it by applying for a freelance visa UAE with our assistance. With this document, you can be self-employed in Dubai and start enjoying all the amazing benefits of setting up your schedule while working from amazing locations.

Start your freelancing career in the UAE with the support of ConnectFZ and our comprehensive service.

Be Your Own Boss

You can boost your earnings and enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss. By having the Freelance Visa, you can now be a part of the UAE job market, and start connecting with like-minded individuals and top UAE companies so you can grow your career. Work whenever you want, from wherever you want, by being a freelancer in Dubai.

Begin your journey of Self-Employment

With our support, you can be sure that you are going to get your Freelance Visa fast, and we will keep you informed throughout the entire process. Therefore, you can become a freelancer in the UAE and start charging for your services. Since the UAE market is very competitive, you will find many businesses and individuals interested in paying for what you have to offer.

Our Competitive Rates

We understand how crucial it is as a freelancer to stay on your budget. This is why we offer a variety of packages so you can select the one that better suits your financial situation. We have the most competitive freelance visa Dubai cost so you will not have to pay additional fees.


Let us guide you through the process to get your UAE Freelance Visa.

Our team helps you gather all the required documents you will need for your application. Also, we take care of obtaining all the necessary approvals.
Our team ensures to submit all of your documents to the respective Authority. We guarantee a hassle-free and error-free application.
We will let you know when your application gets approved so you can start planning your travel to the UAE to finalize the process.
Freelance Activities
We help you determine under which category you can work as a freelancer in the UAE. Our team assesses your current status to provide a suitable solution.
Residence issuance
The UAE will issue your Freelance so you can now become a legal resident of the country. You can start the process to sponsor your family members too with us.
Ongoing support
We will help you with any other aspect you want our help with since our team of specialists will be always there to support you.

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    Receive Outstanding Benefits with your UAE Freelance Visa

    Being self-employed is not the only benefit you can get with your freelancer visa Dubai. By holding this visa, you can get the following benefits:

    No Need for Physical Office

    • Depending on the Emirate you decide to locate, you may not need a physical office

    3 Year Stay

    • Get a 3-year UAE residency

    No Need For Sponsorship

    • No need for a local sponsor

    Be Independent

    • Get freedom and independence to work in the UAE

    Sponsor Your Family

    • You can sponsor your relatives (spouse and children)

    Work Remotely

    • Work remotely from the UAE

    Learn About The UAE Freelance Visa Eligibility Criteria with Connect FZ

    Any individual that wants to be a freelancer in the UAE must comply with the following requirements:
    • Bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma
    • Proof of having earned AED 360,000 in the last two years
    • Must carry out any of the approved activities of the media, education, tech, and design sector.


    ConnectFZ helps you start your Freelancing Career

    Being self-employed in the UAE is perfect because it is a location that has many opportunities to offer you. With your freelance visa Dubai you can take your career to a whole new level and improve your revenue like you would have never imagined. Since we provide a wide range of solutions, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

    You can live and work legally in the UAE without requiring a sponsor or for a company to hire you.