All You Need to Know About the Opening Companies in Ajman Free Zone

ajman free zone

Establishing a solid business in the UAE can provide you with a lot of benefits. The best part is that you have plenty of options among the Mainland and Free Zones where to incorporate your company. In this regard, Ajman Free Zone has been gaining more popularity among investors.

Companies in Ajman can enjoy the advantages that this jurisdiction gives them. You can also start your operations in no time, and select from the various options to have your physical offices like the Ajman industrial area or any other.

In this article, you are going to gain more insight into the Ajman Freezone so you can decide if it is the best place for starting your business. Moreover, you are going to understand how a service provider can make this process easier for you. Let us observe:

  1. Ajman free zone
  2. Process of opening companies in Ajman free zone
  3. Requirements for business in Ajman free zone
  4. What are the benefits of working in Ajman free zone
  5. How can ConnectFZ help you with setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone

1. Ajman free zone

Ajman free zone

The Ajman free zone, most commonly known as AFZA, is the perfect place for starting your business. It was established in 1988 and is one of the several Free Zones of the United Arab Emirates.

Located at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf, it has a strategic position for businesses that want to get involved in logistics, exports, and any other related.

In this regard, Ajman Free Zone is an excellent location for accessing both eastern and western markets. Its most prominent feature is its port, which has the capacity to serve over 1000 vessels per year. Therefore, it is a maritime focal point.

Another important aspect of the Ajman Free Zone is that it is located near important cities since it is just half an hour from Dubai and 10 minutes from Sharjah. Thus, it has an ease of accessibility that may be attractive for businesses, since it also grants access to four ports and two international airports.

If you are a foreign investor, you need to take advantage of what this free zone has to offer. The aim of the Ajman Free Zone is to offer the best opportunities for trade, investment, and company incorporation. In addition, you can also get cost-saving benefits, since there are many cheap options for starting your operations.

And, if you are an entrepreneur, then you can also incorporate your startup in just a few steps. You can enjoy the world-class infrastructure and competitive pricing, so you can meet your goals.

2. Process of opening companies in Ajman free zone

Establishing companies in Ajman free zone is a straightforward process. However, it is always helpful to get assistance from experts like ConnectFZ so you can navigate the challenges and requirements better.

Here we have the process you have to follow to incorporate your companies in Ajman Free Zone:

2.1 Select the type of legal entity

Before starting the process, you need to determine which type of legal entity you want to incorporate. This refers to the legal structure of your business, and you need to evaluate which one adapts better to your requirements and the tasks you are going to carry out.

You can incorporate one of the four types of available companies in Ajman Free Zone:

  • Free Zone Company (FZ-LLC): the FZ-LLC allows you to carry out your activities within the Free Zone and internationally. You can incorporate this type of company with 2 or more shareholders, with a maximum of 50. In addition, you need to meet the share capital, which will vary depending on the activity of your business, location, and others.
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): The FZE has the same benefits as an FZ-LLC, but you can incorporate it with a single shareholder, whether a natural individual or a company)
  • Branch of a Local Company: if you own a UAE Company, you can establish a Branch in AFZ to improve your reach to the local and international markets. But, the branch will be under the parent company, so you have to carry out the same activities.
  • Branch of a Foreign Company: you can decide to establish a branch in AFZ to enter this prominent market. Make sure to put focus on compliance, since the rules of your parent company may differ from those of your AFZ branch.

2.2 Outline your business activities

After you have decided which type of entity you want to incorporate, you need to outline the business activities you want to conduct.

The good news is that in AFZ you have a lot of activities to select from since it welcomes most activities that can be carried out in the UAE. Some of the most popular are a consultancy, trading, IT, and much more.

In this step is very important to list all the activities you want to carry out, which means you have to be specific. This will help you avoid any issues you may face for performing an activity that is out of your scope.

The AFZ Authority takes very serious business compliance, so you have to ensure you list everything you want to conduct with your company. Thus, you will not have to face significant complications in the future.

2.3 Decide on a company name

After that, you have to select a company name for your business. Before you do it, you need to be familiar with the name conventions established in Ajman. Although they are easy to follow, they are very strict, so make sure to select a name that complies with the rules.

Some of the conditions for your company name are the following:

  • It is not allowed any blasphemous or offensive language
  • It cannot include any references to Islam or Allah
  • If the person wants to include his or her name, it has to be in full. The surname or initials are not allowed

Before doing the application, you need to check if the name you want is available for registration. This is why a third party like ConnectFZ is helpful we can help you check availability, make suggestions, and more.

2.4 Choose a business license

To carry out your operations in AFZ, you need to have a valid business license. Therefore, you are required to apply for any of the 5 different license types:

  • Trading License: the trade license allows you to carry out trading activities in AFZ. You can only add 3 different activities to the license.
  • Professional Services License: companies that want to carry out a business by providing professional services in AFZ can apply for this license. Some of the activities you can perform are consultancy, marketing, and others.
  • E-commerce License: with the e-commerce license you can engage on electronic trading or start your online trading business. You can also get technical and market support as an investor when you apply for the e-commerce license.
  • Industrial License: this license allows companies to carry out industrial-related activities as long as they comply with local manufacturing policies and environmental standards. You can look for warehouses and other facilities to conduct your business, so you can get everything you need in AFZ to start your operations.
  • National Industrial License: this type of license is only for companies that are operating in AFZ and they have to meet the eligibility criteria to apply. The requirements are: having a UAE or GCC national with a 51% of the shares or above and accomplishing at least 40% of the manufacturing process in AFZ.

2.5 Initial Approval and company registration

After you have selected your license, you need to start the application process. You have to obtain the initial approval by submitting the application form along with all the documentation.

Then, once you get your initial approval you can carry out the company registration process. Make sure to fill out the applications without errors, because this may cause delays.

If you need assistance with this matter, you can contact us to receive additional support so you can incorporate your company in no time.

2.6 Look for an office

Every business needs to have a physical location where it can receive clients, and investors, and from where to work efficiently.

In this regard, in AFZ there are several facilities you can choose from to establish your company:

  • Smart offices: these are more suitable for entrepreneurs and startups since they have lower costs. With a smart office, you can apply for two employment visas and you can carry out your business operations proactively and with support.
  • Executive offices: with this type of office you can apply for up to 5 employment visas. These guarantee security and offer outstanding services.
  • Warehouses: you can rent warehouses in the Ajman industrial area, so you can get all the service facilities and specifications you need.
  • Lands: in AFZ you can invest in lands that will meet your needs.

2.7 Visa Application and bank account

Once you have registered your company, you can start applying for the visas you may need. In this case, you need to get your own visa, as well as your employee’s. You can also apply for a UAE visa for your dependents, such as your spouse and children.

In this matter, it is important to know that the number of visas you can apply for depends on the chosen license and the size of your business.

Lastly, you have to open a corporate bank account. You have to choose one of the local or international banks to manage your finances. However, it is essential to learn the different acceptance criteria so you can apply them easily.

3. Requirements for companies in Ajman free zone

ajman free zone

To incorporate companies in Ajman free zone you need to comply with the requirements established by its Authority.

In this regard, you need to submit the following documents along with the application form:

  • Passport copy of each partner with at least six-month validity
  • A colored photograph of each partner
  • NOC (if the applicant is a UAE Resident)
  • Visa copy or UID for each partner

In case you would like to incorporate a branch of a foreign or local company, you have to provide the trade license copy, MOA copy and Board Resolution copy.

4. What are the benefits of companies in Ajman free zone

When you incorporate your companies in Ajman free zone, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • The Ajman Freezone is suitable for almost any type of business since it admits many activities
  • It has a low-cost business setup process
  • It does not require a lot of documentation, instead, the documentation is very convenient and easy to get
  • The company incorporation process takes less than a week
  • It has several prominent sectors where investors can start their business
  • Investors can apply for a residence visa by incorporating a company
  • Foreign investors can enjoy 100% ownership

5. How can ConnectFZ help you with setting up companies in Ajman Free Zone

The UAE is one of the most lucrative places to conduct business since it has a privileged location in the Middle East. You can enjoy all of these benefits by incorporating a company and starting to carry out activities in any of the Free Zones.

Here at ConnectFZ, we can help you incorporate your companies in Ajman free zone or any other free zone that you would like:

Moreover, we can help you establish a company in any of the following Emirates:

Do you need support with setup businesses or companies in Ajman free zone? You can contact us by email at, or call us at +971 43 316 688. We are readily available to help you through your company incorporation in the UAE.

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