From June 2022, Connect Free Zone – a leading uae freezone business setup service provider – will now be accepting cryptocurrency for their services. Due to this movement, Connect Free Zone is entering a select group of companies in this field to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option in the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, aiming to expand their solutions, tools, and resources to a bigger audience.


Therefore, Connect Free Zone is now becoming a top company formation agency in the region. Thus, providing investors and entrepreneurs with the possibility to begin a new business venture in the UAE. At the same time, proving their drive for innovation by giving business owners in the region the latest technology and resources they need for their companies.

What is the meaning behind this decision?

This decision was taken naturally as a way to make company formation services more convenient, accessible, and affordable to international and local audiences. Furthermore, the real meaning of it is to provide foreign investors and entrepreneurs with more opportunities to invest in the UAE economy. Consequently, helping the UAE become a borderless business hub.

Aaron Portero – Managing Director of Connect Free Zone – says: “We want to help local and foreign investors as much as possible; so they can start their companies in the UAE with ease. Our organization will always bring innovation to the table. With this particular move, Connect Zone is showing other businesses how the industry can still grow and develop.”

What is the expected outcome?

In the end, Connect Free Zone expects to attract and attain foreign investors to the United Arab Emirates. As a result, we are supporting the development of the local economy. Likewise, as a top company formation company, Connect Free Zone wants to influence other businesses to start accepting this and other different types of new technology and trends.

Now, due to this new measure, Connect Free Zone will be joining other pioneer companies such as Connect Zone and Connect Services Middle East in receiving cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, as a payment method. It is important to note that with more than 300.000 registered transactions worldwide, Bitcoin is one of the most common cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, thanks to its popularity its value is constantly growing.

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