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Get Any Type of Visa of UAE With ConnectFZ

If you have ever considered visiting the UAE, here at  ConnectFZ we have the perfect solution for you. Whether you are an investor, a freelancer, a remote worker, or any other, we can help you apply for the visa that suits your needs.

We have a team of experts that will kindly analyze your current status to determine your eligibility for a UAE Visa. After that, we will proceed with the application and we help you throughout the entire process. You can focus on other important aspects such as planning your trip while we get the documentation for you.


Get to Know all the Types of Visas We Offer

UAE Golden Visa

For investors, special talented individuals, employees and property owners

UAE Job Seeker Visa

Visa specifically launched for Job Seeking individuals who are willing to work in UAE

UAE Freelance Visa

Visa specially for the people who are working in the media, education, tech, or design sector

UAE Investor Visa

For Investors or have invested in real estate in the UAE, or Seeking to reside in UAE

UAE Remote Work Visa

For people who are working remotely for your existing employer or own company, or doing an online buisness.

Green Visa UAE

For freelancers, self-employed, investors, and skilled professionals. Holder can stay for 5 years in UAE

Top Visa Services in the UAE

The UAE is a place that welcomes foreigners from all around the world. For this reason, its Government has developed several visa schemes so everyone can have the chance to get the UAE Residency. You can be part of the talented professionals and investors that live and work in the UAE by letting us provide the visa you require. Since we have specialists that are well-versed in visa processing, you can be sure that you will enjoy a hassle-free process to get your UAE Visa.

Live, Work, & Invest in the UAE

We have helped thousands of expatriates to make the UAE their home by providing UAE visas for them and their spouses and children. You can safely conduct your business from the UAE, and expand your operations to boost your revenue. Also, since Dubai is a top city, you will live a relaxed and luxurious life by the beach. Fulfil your dream of living in the UAE with our assistance.

Hassle-Free Visa Services

Our UAE visa service is aimed at making you save time and money. For this reason, we offer the most competitive rates so you can choose our solutions. We can help you decide the type of visa for you, gather the documents, pay the fee, and get the visa for your relatives.


Plan your trip to the UAE by securing a visa with us

Here at ConnectFZ, we ensure your UAE visa processing is fast, so you can travel to the UAE and start working and investing in one of the most prosperous economies of the world. You can contact us to submit your requirements and we will help you from start to finish until you get your visa.

Reach to us
Contact one of our experts to submit your requirements, so we can provide a customized solution aimed to solve your needs.
Determine eligibility
Our team will evaluate if you meet the criteria so we can decide which visa is the best one for you.
We will help you gather the documentation you must submit, and we also check it to determine that it complies with the requirements.
Our experts help you fill out the application to ensure it does not have any mistakes. This way, your application will get processed faster.
Other PRO services you can obtain
You will be notified when your application gets approved, so you can plan your next steps and enter the UAE without any issues.
Live in the UAE
With your UAE Visa, you can travel to the country so you can start the next chapter of your life with a better quality of life.

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    If you a looking for a trustworthy visa provider, do not look any further. You have come to the right place. We have many packages available so you can decide which Visa is the perfect one for you.
    You will not have to worry about anything because we handle the process by ourselves. With our assistance, you can get your UAE Visa fast and without any issues.