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Get Any Type of UAE Business Trade License With ConnectFZ

Start a company in the UAE in no time with our assistance. Get to enjoy all the benefits of being a business owner in one of the most prosperous economies of the Middle East. Our team of experts is readily available to solve your inquiries and provide a tailored solution.

With our support, you can get the Cheapest trade license in Dubai that suits your budget, so you can start your operations immediately. We will assess your needs and help you determine which type of license you require depending on the nature of your business. Trust in our proven expertise and extensive knowledge.


Get to know all the Types of Business Trade Licenses we Offer

If you are looking for the Cheapest business license in UAE, you have come to the right place. We provide a wide range of packages for you to select the one that allows you to get started while saving money. Our specialists help you choose the license that better suits your desired business activities so you do not have to exceed your budget.

Business License Process Time Line

Our team works hard to ensure all of our clients get their licenses as soon as possible. Once you have paid the Trade license cost in Dubai, we can ensure you get your license right away, so you can start your operations in the UAE and get the most out of your new formed business.

Renewal Procedure

We also take care of the renewal process for your business license. By getting your Trade license in Dubai with us we will help you when the time comes for renewing your business license, so your operation does not get affected and avoid any troubles with the authorities. Let us assist you with each stage of your licensing in the UAE.


Let Us Guide You Through The Process Of Dubai Business Trade License.

Here at ConnectFZ, we ensure your UAE License processing is fast, so you can start your Business Activities in the UAE. You can contact us to submit your requirements and we will help you from start to finish until you get your visa.

Contact us
Reach out to one of our representatives to let us know your requirements. After that, we will analyze your particular needs and determine the license that best suits your business.
We will instruct you on the documentation you have to submit, depending on the type of license you need. Our team can help you handle the paperwork on your behalf.
After everything is prepared, we ensure there are no errors in the application and submit it along with the documentation to wait for approval.
Once the approval is issued, we have to wait for the issuance of the business license.
License Issuance
After approval, you get your Trade license in UAE and you can start your operations right away.
Live in the UAE
As a business owner, you can get to live in a booming location and enjoy all the benefits of the UAE.

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    Get To Know

    List of Activities You Can Perform in Dubai With Our Trade Licenses

    Our goal is to support you in the selection of the proper business license for your company. For this reason, we assist so you can comprehend the list of activities allowed to carry out in the UAE and under which license.

    Professional License

    • Consultancy firms
    • Agricultural firms
    • IT Services
    • Accounting Services
    • Financial Services
    • Export/Import
    • Supply of goods
    • Product trading
    • Reselling
    • Manufacturing
    • Casting
    • Food industries
    • Meat processing
    • Workshops
    • Trading multiple products
    • Import & Export
    • Online selling

    We Help You To Fulfill The Criteria

    • Our team helps you determine if you are eligible to get this license so you can explore the job market

    Document Requirements for Business License in Dubai, UAE

    Provide the following documentation so we can start processing your Business License:

    • Duly filled-out application form
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    • Company’s trade name approval certificate by the UAE’s Registry office
    • Passport copies of shareholders and partners


    Benefits of Business License in UAE

    • Possibility to own and operate a company in Dubai, a well-known commercial hub
    • There are several types of trade license in Dubai to choose from
    • Get access to a wide range of services
    • With a new trade license in Dubai, you can reside legally in this place and even sponsor your family
    • Apply for visas for your employees and investors
    • By getting the cheapest trade license in UAE you can save money with us
    • Get access to a thriving market to offer your services or goods.
    • Applying for a business license is a pretty straightforward process