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Any entrepreneur or investor that is looking to make a great business move should consider Dubai South Free Zone (DWC) as the place to set up a company. Previously known as Dubai World Central Free Zone or Dubai Logistics City Free Zone, it was founded in 2006 and soon was the emerging gateway to the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Since it has a prominent connectivity to airports and land and sea ports, it can be a place that offers a diversified market to businesses. In addition, business owners can have access to several facilities and take advantage of this outstanding logistics corridor for the world.

Company formation in Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone (DWC) is a strategic location that offers excellent opportunities to investors. With its integrated urban ecosystem, a convenient access to air and sea ports, and a quick and hassle-free company formation process, it’s the perfect place for making business.

Obtain the Initial approval
The Free Zone department should issue the initial approval before starting the process.
Registration process
After receiving the initial approval, it’s necessary to carry out the registration and incorporation process.
Lease agreement
It’s mandatory to submit a lease agreement for the chosen office space of the business.
Make the payments of the necessary fees to register your company.
Collect your business license to begin your operations in DWC.


    Documents Required

    -Passport copy of shareholders

    -Residential address

    -Company trade name

    Business Licenses for Dubai South Free Zone Business Setup

    Dubai South Free Zone offers several licensing structures for businesses. You should select the proper license that suits your activities so you can operate legally. The main benefit is that it’s a cost-effective process.

    Industrial license

    With the industrial license, the business may engage in manufacturing and production activities by importing raw material, and even selling the final products.

    Logistics and Commercial license

    The logistics license is termed separately since it’s specifically for businesses under the logistics district. However, it offers the same as the commercial license, which is engaging trading activities, general trading and business under logistics.

    Trading and general trading license

    The trading and general trading license allows businesses to carry out import, export, distribution and storage of items. It also allows sale of products within the UAE but as long as the company has a local distributor.

    Service and Educational license

    With the service license, the business can offer relevant services that are mentioned in the issued license. The business can offer the service within the DWC Free Zone and the UAE. If the business wants to offer educational services, it should apply for the Educational License, with which can offer social, educational and training services.

    Benefits of doing business in Dubai South Free Zone

    • 100% foreign ownership
    • No corporate, personal or income tax
    • Full repatriation of profits and capital
    • Fast and easy set up process
    • Import and export duties exemption
    • Access to the Jebel Ali Port and the Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport
    • Strategic location for logistics operations
    • Access to a dynamic international business community

    Business entities for Dubai South Free Zone

    To establish a business in Dubai South Free Zone you must choose among the legal structures offered by the authorities.

    Free Zone Establishment (FZE) – A single shareholders, which could be an individual or a corporation, can incorporate this type of legal entity.

    Limited Liability Company (LLC) – An LLC is an entity established with its own legal nature, which can be formed with 2 or maximum 50 shareholders. The minimum capital for incorporating an LLC in DWC is of AED 300,000.

    Branch of a Foreign Company – A foreign company can establish a branch in DWC to carry out its operations. However, the parent corporation should have 100% total control of the branch, and the branch must carry out the same business activity as the parent corporation. In addition, the branch should have the same name of the parent company and it must end with the “branch designation”.

    Company Incorporation in Dubai South Free Zone

    Dubai South Free Zone (DWC) is a place that can empower your business since it offers various advantages. This economic Free Zone has many setup opportunities for businesses across multiple sectors. You can select among activities from logistics to aviation to commercial, so you can start your operations in a flourishing industry.

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    Connect FZ is a company that offers assistance to entrepreneurs and investors interested in establishing a business in the UAE. Dubai South Free Zone is one of the best places where you can incorporate a company and we can help you achieve your business goals.

    Unmatched expertise

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    Dubai South Free Zone business activities and facilities

    One of the advantages of the Dubai South Free Zone is that it has several business activities to choose from. Business can engage in commercial, manufacturing, consulting, and freelance activities as long as they have the proper license.

    Although the primary industries in DWC are logistics, aviation and real estate, businesses can conduct some of the following activities:



    • Transportation

    • Storage

    • IT Consultancy

    • Food trading

    • Educational services

    • Agriculture

    • Marketing


    When it comes to having a solid presence in DWC and conducting business with comfort in suitable places, you can have access to the several business facilities of this Free Zone.


    Industrial facilities – Carry out your manufacturing and production activities in top industrial facilities

    Customized office spaces – select among flexi desks, flexi offices or permanent desks so you can get a physical office that suits your needs

    Pre-built offices – with fully furnished offices and executive offices you can select the best physical place for your business

    Warehouses – extensive warehouses make easier the storage and logistics activities

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