Meydan free zone business setup Dubai

You can pick from a number of jurisdictions in the UAE to set up your business. You have the choice between a Mainland Company and a Free Zone Business because both offer advantages. Consequently, you must choose a Meydan free zone firm if you would like more freedom. When it comes to Meydan free zone business setup Dubai, you can obtain all the benefits you were looking for and more.

In this article, we will be talking about Meydan free zone and how to do your Meydan free zone business setup Dubai. According to the purpose of your firm, a particular free zone might be more appropriate for you. You must therefore assess each of them to decide if business formation in Meydan free zone is the right alternative for you.

Most Important Reasons to Choose the Meydan Free Zone for Business Activities

Meydan free zone business setup Dubai

The UAE boasts well over 40 free zones, as you might be already aware. Given that Dubai offers over 35 free zones, there are actually over 35 possibilities when it comes to setting up a firm in a free zone.

They are commercial regions that offer a variety of advantages, as we have already said, making them quite appealing to investors.

This is the reason why starting a business in this free zone is now so common. However, because there are so many choices, business owners could feel confused and overwhelmed.

Every free zone has unique characteristics and each one caters to a different set of industries. As a result, you should search for the one that best matches your company. Therefore, you must conduct study to determine which free zone will support the success of your company.

The Meydan Free Zone, for example, was founded in 2009 and has steadily expanded by embracing more enterprises to the point where it has emerged as the top option for numerous investors and business owners.

The Meydan Hotel in Dubai, where the Free Zone is ideally positioning, is close to some of the largest business districts in Dubai, including Business Bay and Business Bay. Meydan Free Zone seeks to promote commerce and trade in the area while connecting Dubai with the rest of the world through enticing business permits.

International investors can network and work together in the Free Zone to expand their businesses. Meydan free zone business setup Dubai allows investors to quickly expand their business operations. This, while simultaneously providing customers with an unforgettable stay at the Meydan Hotel.

Business Consultancy and Support Services

A consultant’s services are beneficial for free zone business setup Dubai. Consultants can assist you in defining and achieving your goals, whether you run a small business or a major enterprise.

For small enterprises, consulting assistance is particularly crucial. These companies frequently lack the funding needed to employ full-time workers with the required qualifications. Additionally, small businesses might not have the expertise and knowledge necessary to expand their operations to greater heights or to maintain that expansion once they have done so.

It is simple to lose focus on the broader picture while managing your company’s day-to-day operations. Consultants can be quite useful in this situation. You have invested your entire being as a business owner, which has caused you to become biased. Consultants have no stake in your company and can offer impartial counsel and insights according to their experience and skills. This perspective is especially useful when you have to make difficult business decisions.

You can obtain outside market expertise from a consultant. This is especially beneficial if you want to expand your firm or enter a new industry. Consultants can assist you in making wise decisions for your company by providing knowledge of the market, its trends, or insight into the tactics of your rivals. When performing a plan of action that will have a substantial impact on your firm, this outside viewpoint can be extremely helpful.

It is difficult to find reliable business consulting professionals. You want to make sure you are dealing with the best when looking for someone to assist you in expanding your business. Find a person with expertise who has a successful track record.

With these services, you can:

  • Complete all procedures pertaining to forming a business.
  • Applications and approval for licenses.
  • License extension.
  • Obtain and maintain permits.

Strategic Location Close to Airport

The Meydan Free Zone in central Dubai offers a fantastic base to impress clients, develop your business, and take pleasure in leisure activities. This, thanks to its spectacular steel and glass exterior and proximity to the Meydan racing track and golf course. But it offers a lot more than simply appealing looks.

Based just 12 minutes by car from Dubai’s bustling downtown and 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport. There are 2.5 billion individuals residing within a 4-hour flight of the Dubai International Airport. Plus, 5 billion within an 8-hour trip or less. The GCC nations, Pakistan, India, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe are just a few of the regions with the largest developing growth markets that Dubai gives exclusive access to.

The Meydan Free Zone has an easy location for access. At Meydan Free Zone, the hubbub of the city center is never far away. Because of this, it has never been so simple for business owners to arrange for both the import and export of items or to find storage. The free zone itself sits inside the famous and stunning Meydan Hotel, with views of the horse racetrack and Meydan Golf Course.

You will enjoy the stunning views and have access to all the hotel’s amenities (entertainment and restaurants) for either deal-clinching conferences or an enjoyable evening with the family. This makes for an amazing setting to host both business and personal guests.

Simple Procedure of Business Setup

To finish your Meydan free zone business setup Dubai all you have to do is:

  • Select business activity: You must first confirm that the Meydan Free Zone permits the requested business activity. Its authority claims that there are over 2,500 commercial activities available in this free zone. These are:
    • Commercial: This category includes activities including general trading, import, export, and retail services. It is important to keep in mind that there are no storage facilities in this free zone, so bear that in mind while deciding where to keep your supplies and goods.
    • Media: Businesses who engage in marketing, designing websites, marketing, and other related activities might choose from this area of activities.
    • Services and consultancy: This area includes professional services like human resources, bookkeeping, financial consulting, and more.
  • Select legal entity: Three different sorts of entities can be incorporated in the Meydan Free Zone. These differ in terms of their corporate structures. Therefore, you must choose one that complements the essence of your company. The entities you may incorporate are as follows:
    • Sole LLC: You may incorporate a business as the only stakeholder.
    • Multiple LLC: This business can be in place with multiple shareholders.
    • Branch: As an international business owner, you can also incorporate a branch.
  • Register: The next step is to file for the entity and submit a Meydan free zone license application once you have decided on the type of company you want to incorporate. You will need to obtain the necessary papers and register a trade name. The best part about starting a business in Meydan is that it is a fairly simple procedure. However, getting aid from a consultancy like ConnectFZ is beneficial.

Advantages of Setting Up Business in Meydan Freezone

Meydan free zone business setup Dubai

There are many advantages with Meydan business setup, for instance, there are no restrictions on what your firm can become with Meydan Free Zone. For innovators and entrepreneurs like you, they provide more than 3500 company operations to help you grow. Therefore, you are able to conduct numerous commercial operations under a single license. For instance, you can use a single license to run an e-commerce division, an advertising company, or a consulting business.

For companies trying to expand into new markets and diversify their revenue streams, the flexibility to add numerous company operations to one license can be a game-changer. Most frequently, entering new markets necessitates the creation of a fresh company, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Meydan Free Zone, on the other hand, enables your companies to include additional operations to their licenses. Consequently, allowing you to discover novel markets and sources of revenue without having to set up a new corporation.

Cost-effective Business Packages

You must consider the costs you would incur before incorporating your firm in the Meydan free zone. This will enable you to choose the best package for your needs and budget.

The cost of Meydan free zone business setup Dubai depends on a number of variables. The price of the package will increase as it contains more features. These are:

  • 12,500 AED: Up to three business operations, an LLC free zone Trade License, and a lease agreement are all part of this package. Visa distribution is not within the package.
  • 14,300 AED: The LLC Trade License, a lease agreement, a visa allotment, and up to 3 business activities are all part of this package.
  • 18,050 AED: You receive the Trade License, the lease agreement, three visa allocations, and up to three company operations with this bundle.
  • 23,600 AED: The Trade License, a maximum of three company operations, the lease agreement, and six visa allocations are all a part of this package.

It is also crucial to take into account any additional costs associating with forming your business.

  • Establishment Card (valid for one year) AED 2,000; a medical checkup costs AED 320; and an Emirates ID costs AED 375.

You must also pay AED 1,500 if you wish to modify the status of your visa. Finally, there is a price of AED 1,000 each activity if you want to add more business activities.

Why choose Meydan Free Zone for Business setup?

Here are some of the reasons for Meydan free zone business setup Dubai:

  • Location: Since you have excellent access to the Dubai Airport and it is only 15 minutes away, your company will be well set. Additionally, it takes 12 minutes to go to downtown Dubai. You can see that its key advantage is connectivity, which allows you to travel to other places to attend customers, hold events, and more.
  • Friendly environment: You can benefit from networking opportunities with other business owners who share your interests and engage with cutting-edge businesses. Likewise, you can collaborate with other companies to expand your operations if you would like.
  • Affordable offices: You can hire affordable Flexi Desks thanks to your commercial license. These are ideal for all kinds of enterprises because you may conduct your business from there and because they are appropriate for you. If you want to hire physical space without paying a lot of money, you can take use of the co-working and boardrooms.
  • E-commerce access: For companies that wish to start engaging in e-commerce, the Meydan Free Zone is ideal. Access to specialized help and solutions created specifically for online enterprises is available. To increase sales, you can list your products across multiple e-commerce platforms, making it simple to start your own online store. Meydan Commerce is a resource that you may only access if you want to thrive in business.

Future of Business in Meydan Free Zone

The Meydan Free Zone is growing into a thriving commercial destination that is widely sought after by companies in a variety of industries. It has a prestigious location and is well recognized for housing numerous commercial developments. Including parks, colleges, hospitals, amusement and sports facilities, and more. This makes it an attractive choice as a business site.

Entrepreneurs that want to connect with a large local population and network with other businesses might consider investing in an entire company environment like this.

Diverse Industry Sectors in Meydan Freezone

Numerous startups, SME’s, and international corporations from a variety of sectors and industries call the city home. You may engage with a dynamic mix of both public and private firms operating in Dubai and at Meydan. The most popular sectors include:

  • IT.
  • Travel and tourism.
  • Healthcare.
  • Media production.
  • Consultancy.
  • Retail.
  • Event management.
  • Training and education.

At ConnectFZ, we are aware of how important it is to launch your company properly. We wish to assist you in Meydan free zone business setup Dubai as soon as possible. Our team of professionals can provide total assistance. So you can create your entity quickly and obtain all the benefits this process can offer. Get in touch with us via email at and let us know about all your plans and needs!

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