Dubai South (DWC)

This prosperous free zone is home to the largest airport in the world, which is known as the Al Maktoum International Airport. It is home to thousands of companies and workers since its foundation in 2006. It was originally launched as a Government of Dubai project, and now it is the perfect place to set up your business. If you are planning to set up your company without spending too much time or money, in the Dubai South free zone you will be granted with many benefits and advantages you can use to make your business grow and thrive.

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Dubai South is projected to sustain a population of a million. As an economic platform, it is designed to support every conceivable kind of business and industry and create 500,000 jobs. Launched as a Government of Dubai project in 2006, Dubai South is easily accessed from downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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*Below fees are subject to 5% Value Added Tax on the facility & setup fees only as mandated by UAE law effective 1 January 2018.

 Smart Desk   Permanent Smart Deak   Smart Office  Permanent Smart Office
 License: 5,000 AED License: 5,000 AED  License: 5,000 AED  License: 5,000 AED
Establishment card: 2,060 AED  Establishment card: 2,060 AED Establishment card: 2,060 AED Establishment card: 2,060 AED
Setup Fee: 500 AED Setup Fee: 500 AED Setup Fee: 500 AED  Setup Fee: 500 AED
5 hours/week: 12,675 AED Exclusive Bases: 18,675 AED 5 hours/week: 20,175 AED  Exclusive Basis Starting From: 33,675 AED
Visa Quota: 2  Visa Quota: 2  Visa Quota: 2 Visa Quota: 2
Total: 20,235 AED  Total: 26,235 AED   Total: 27,735 AED  Total: 41,235 AED

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