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The UAE is introducing new policies for medical tourists coming to the country. In addition, the UAE has well-built logistics and a robust transportation system. These factors, in addition to the innovation-driven field and medical equipment trading license, make the UAE one of the best destinations for medical businesses.

In this article, we will ensure you comprehend everything regarding the medical equipment trading business in Dubai. The emirate, in the same vein, is strategically located as the center of a transportation network that connects individuals around the globe. As a result, starting this type of business presents various options to grow in the field.

  1. How can you start trading medical devices in Dubai?
  2. The healthcare sector in Dubai
  3. How to start importing and exporting medical equipment
  4. What activities can you conduct with the medical equipment trading license?
  5. Take advantage of the medical equipment trading license
  6. How can you begin trading your products?
  7. What are the required documents to start a medical trading business?
  8. Why should you obtain this license?
  9. How can we help you obtain a medical equipment trading license?

1. How can you start trading medical devices in Dubai?

Healthcare is one of the most profitable business industries around the globe. Further, the UAE is known for providing advanced and excellent opportunities for business persons wishing to start in this business and subsequently; obtain a medical equipment trading license.

The UAE, in the same vein, aims to provide the best treatment and diagnostic facilities to patients. It is also recognized for its first-class healthcare services for its citizens. Therefore, to maintain these high standards, healthcare professionals in the UAE must have quality medical equipment to provide high-quality services. This has led a lot of business persons and medical professionals from outside the UAE to start a medical trading business in Dubai.

The Dubai government offers a lot of advantages that move forward and develop healthcare facilities in the country. In addition, it has world-class infrastructure and exceptional logistics and transportation services; this makes it easy for workers to connect from different parts of the country. With all these Dubai setup benefits and our assistance, you can easily start your own medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

The medical and pharma equipment field is also one of the fastest-growing sectors in Dubai. And when it comes to the regional distribution of medical equipment, the city has an extensive and robust network. For instance, some destinations for medical device exports from Dubai are the KSA (23%) and the USA (26%). In the same vein, some major exporting items are medical equipment, laboratory machines, appliances, and instruments for:

  • Dental.
  • Medical.
  • Surgical.
  • And medical furniture.

For many years, the healthcare sectors in the country have been growing massively. Also, the network of health centers and hospitals is growing to cater to several types of patient requirements.

2. The healthcare sector in Dubai

Considering that we are leaving behind the global pandemic situation, the importation and selling of medical devices have become an essential requirement for hospitals and healthcare clinics.

It has become an important need to meet the important demand for several types of medical equipments such as:

  • Ventilators.
  • PPE suits.
  • Testing kits.
  • And other medical devices.

To import medical equipment, medical devices, and related medical items into the country; you must meet certain requirements such as obtaining a medical equipment trading license. The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the government body in charge of distributing and importing medical equipment and devices in the UAE. To have a smooth process, you must have a solid understanding of the importance of trading licenses.

There are solid rules in place about importing and distributing medical items in the UAE. In addition, you must keep in mind that incurring any default in the activities leads to legal actions and huge fines.

3. How to start importing and exporting medical equipment

The steps involved in the importing and exporting of medical equipment in the UAE are the following:

3.1. Setting up an LLC entity with the DED and obtaining the license

To start the import and exporting of medical devices in the UAE, you must register an LLC organization with the DED (Department of Economic Development). Choose the right activity related to the nature of your business. This is a crucial step while registering your company. Similarly, you must register the company with Dubai customs to obtain the export/import code for shipping medical equipment into the country. This is why it is crucial to know how to register your business in the UAE.

3.2. Registering the medical product with the Ministry of Health

Further, you must register your business medical devices with the Ministry of health. Assuming you already have the medical trading license; the health authorities will approve the right business activities before you can sell the equipment in the country. Get all legal clearances and documents before you start conducting trade in the UAE to avoid legal actions and penalties.

3.3. Working with a local distribution agent

However, your business can engage a commercial agent or a local distribution agent. Further, local agents/distributors are registered under the Ministry of Health for carrying out the distribution and imports of medical products in the UAE. On Connect Free Zone, we will register the medical products with the Ministry of Health on your behalf; allowing you to focus on your business instead of tedious processes.

4. What activities can you conduct with the medical equipment trading license?

The following activities are listed in the Department of Economic Development in Dubai regarding the importing and trading of medical instruments, devices, or equipment:

4.1. Surgical, medical articles, and requisites trading

You can import the following instruments and precise medical items used to treat specific diseases under the medical trading license:

  • Pulse regulators.
  • Medical shoes.
  • Batteries for cardiac patients.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Earphones for hearing aids.
  • Splints for bone fractures.
  • and more.

If you want to know about the specific activities, you can reach out to us. We will provide you with the complete list, and when you are registering your medical equipment business.

4.2. Surgical, instruments, and medical equipment trading

Reselling and imports of equipment and instruments used in clinics and hospitals for the following uses are grouped under the specific medical equipment trading license:

  • Blood preservation.
  • Treatment.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Sterilization.
  • Surgical operations.
  • Treatment
  • And many more.

5. Take advantage of the medical equipment trading license

To cover more medical equipment and device trading under the same medical trading license, applying for an LLC is the best option. Both the import of medical equipment and the trading of equipment can be included in the same type of license while establishing an LLC organization.

But how to set up a medical equipment company in Dubai? To go further, you must know how we can provide you with the best business setup in Dubai Mainland or any of the UAE’s free zones.

Corporate partners, on the other hand, are also a common way of assigning local sponsors in the mainland business setup. However, corporate sponsors are beneficial only if you are building a long-term investment and you want total control of the operations and day-to-day management.

6. How can you begin trading your products?

Certainly, you must submit your products to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) for testing, inspection, and issuance of the certificate of classification. As a result, it will make your products eligible to import and sell in the UAE. However, this process takes approximately 30 to 45 days to complete the test and issue the import and export certificate.

As you already have the medical equipment trading license and your products registered with the MOHAP, you have 2 options to start trading:

6.1. Direct selling

This takes a warehouse space and registration as an authorized reseller of medical equipment from the Department of Economic Development. To obtain a warehouse license, we encourage you to read our in-depth guide.

The warehouse, most importantly, must be equipped with safe storage for medical devices while meeting international standards. Therefore, you will be able to sell directly to sell to hospitals or any medical facility. The hospital or health facility must have a qualified employee to operate the medical equipment.

6.2. Selling through an intermediate registered agent

Certainly, if you want to use a third-party registered agent you will not need any warehouse space. In addition, the registered entity will act as an authorized reseller and will distribute the medical equipment on behalf of your business.

 7. What are the required documents to start a medical trading business?

  • A filled application form provided by the Department of Economic Development in order to register your medical device trading business in Dubai.
  • Obtaining a license of the medical warehouse issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.
  • A detailed profile of your medical equipment business.
  • Authorized letter to the MoH (Ministry of Health) to obtain permission for the import of medical devices.
  • A thorough profile of your company.
  • Submission of a list of all products imported and manufactured in the UAE.
  • Presentation of a manufacturing license of the business in their home country.
  • You must provide the license of the pharmacist who will be in charge of the warehouse.
  • Submit a valid warehouse trade license.

If you already have a trade license but are looking to renew it, here is what you must know.

  • Submission of all the required documents for successful completion of the registration process.
  • Product minor variation certificate, if required.
  • Get a certificate of free sale (issued by the government body in charge).
  • Good Manufacturing Certificate (GMP).
  • The complete catalog, pictures, and information of each product.
  • Product Registration Certificate, if any.
  • Invoice purchase certificate including the country of origin and production and expiry dates.
  • Product Quality Certificate (FDA – C.E. – ISO certificates).

8. Why should you obtain this license?

Today is the perfect time to start a medical company in the UAE since the UAE government is implementing business-friendly policies. In addition, they are also liberalizing import regulations for foreign investors. However, it is important you understand certain things before starting your medical device trading organization.

Besides, it is expected that the overall medical expenditure of the UAE becomes 4.6% of its GDP by 2026. Moreover, the spending on medical care is expected to grow by more than AED 100 million by 2022. Most of the growth in the country comes from an ongoing increase in interest and demand for preventive and specialist care.

The UAE, in the same vein, is always aiming to provide the best medical treatment to its patients. The country is also recognized for having first-class medical services for its citizens. And to keep the standards, doctors and medical staff require high-quality medical equipment to provide top-quality services.

When it comes to the global pandemic, there is an increasing need for the required medical equipment to support and help medical professionals in the UAE. As aforementioned, this is the best time for foreign entrepreneurs and investors to obtain a medical trading license and open a medical equipment trading business.

9. How can we help you obtain a medical equipment trading license?

Healthcare is one of the most profitable business industries in the UAE. And the country is well-known for providing the best opportunities to business persons wishing to start trading medical equipment in Dubai. With its easy registration and simple setup processes, the UAE is one of the best destinations for establishing a medical trading business.

There are vast opportunities to set up your medical business in the country. For this reason, we provide you with a comprehensive set of packages, discounts, and the best pricing. Most importantly, our main focus is to allow you to set up easily in the UAE with our innovative and cost-effective services.

We also understand how difficult is to set up a medical equipment trading company; especially if you decide to do the process on your own. Fortunately, we have more than 21 years of assisting companies to set up in the best UAE free zones. With us, you can access the best locations for your medical business. In addition, you will obtain all the benefits that UAE jurisdictions have for you. You will be able to compare free zones’ regulations, rules, and rates regarding your business PRO services.

Do you want to receive the best assistance for your medical equipment trading license and company in the UAE? We can assist you; as a result, you will open your medical equipment business in a timely manner and be part of the massive growth in the healthcare sector in Dubai. You can reach us via or by calling at +971 43 316 688.

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