How to Set Up a Salon in Sharjah? How Much is Salon License Cost in Sharjah?

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The UAE is a country in which many industries and business sectors are successful. Sharjah is one of the most popular business hubs in the country. Many business ideas are very profitable for all new investors, like opening a salon in Sharjah. However, having a basic knowledge of this business in Sharjah is important.

In this article, you will learn everything about this kind of business in the emirate of Sharjah. Firstly, you will find information about how profitable this business is in Sharjah. Secondly, you will learn how to open a salon in this location. And lastly, we will explain some important details about it, such as benefits, costs, etc. Let’s observe:

1. Sharjah as an efficient business location for investors.

Sharjah is an emirate known as one of the most famous business hubs in the UAE. Its reputation relies on its efficiency and favorable business environment for setting up any kind of business. Therefore, many local and foreign entrepreneurs decide to invest their money, time, and resources in this location.

Besides offering great opportunities to establish a business, this place also offers the benefits that all investors need. However, these would vary depending on the jurisdiction that they choose. For instance, the benefits for free zone companies are different from the ones for mainland companies. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Sharjah free zones.

1.1. Benefits investors can obtain in Sharjah Free Zones.

All types of businesses can receive several benefits to boost their efficiency, including a business like a salon in Sharjah. Among the most common benefits for all free zone businesses are the following ones:

  • 100 percent of ownership of the company.
  • 100 percent of repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Full exemption from personal and corporate tax.
  • Full exemption from export and import customs duty.
  • There is access to world-class infrastructure and the necessary facilities to develop business activities.
  • Investors are free to trade with other local or international companies without restrictions. In other words, there are no trade barriers.
  • They also have the opportunity to apply for visas for their relatives and staff.
  • There is easy access to a pool of talent and high-qualified employees. Besides, the recruitment process is easygoing and efficient.
  • Investors have also access to important ports, including the Sharjah International Airport and many others.
  • All entrepreneurs and investors can receive support services to make improvements for their businesses.

Besides, there might be additional benefits depending on the free zone you choose to set up your business. Now let’s see what benefits Sharjah Mainland offers to investors like you.

1.2. Benefits investors can obtain in Sharjah Mainland.

Although free zones are favorable, the mainland also offers many advantages for investors, especially for a salon in Sharjah. Some of these benefits are the following ones:

  • Freedom to target retail market directly across the UAE.
  • Business-friendly environment and regulations.
  • Investors can expand their offices and the number of visas for employees.
  • Access to world-class infrastructure and facilities.
  • Having minimum capital is not a requirement for setting up a business.

2. The Importance of the Beauty Sector in the Country.

The importance of the beauty sector in the country

Having healthy and beautiful hair is an important feature for people in modern society. Therefore, opening a salon in Sharjah can be a very profitable business for an investor. And even more profitable if it is located in a place with a large population. The main reason for this is that this service is high in demand in crowded locations like Sharjah.

Since people constantly need beauty treatment and similar services, this business can guarantee success in the short term. Therefore, opening your own salon in this emirate will help you create a stable and profitable business. However, you must learn all relevant details before start operating in Sharjah.

3. Why Should you Set up a Salon in the Emirate of Sharjah?

The main reason why this kind of business is a good idea is because of the exponential growth and success. These services are in demand currently, which is why having a beauty salon is a worthy investment. Besides, you can expand your business in the short term and do other activities. For example, you can offer extra services such as make-up courses and training, which are also lucrative.

Besides being an easygoing business, the registration and incorporation process is simple and does not require much. And with different corporate advantages from the government, your business will be even more productive. Moreover, you can make it even easier with a business setup partner by your side.

4. What are the requirements for setting up a salon in Sharjah?

Make sure to meet the following requirements before opening your beauty salon:

  • The location of the salon requires approval from the planning department of Sharjah Municipality.
  • The investor must display a Sign Board in front of the salon.
  • There must be proper usage of the lighting. Similarly, the furniture must be clean and fitting.
  • Make sure that the height between the ceiling and the floor is higher than 2.3 meters.
  • Dressing seats must be of a specific size, which is 3.0m wide X 3.5m in length. They must not be less than that.
  • Beauty treatments need a separate area for hair removal, pedicure, manicure, and henna design. This space must be greater than 2.5m X 1.5m.
  • Facial treatment services require a washbasin near its location.
  • A water heater is also necessary for your beauty salon.
  • Fireproof materials are necessary for preparing hair removal materials.
  • You will also need cabinets, drawers, and storage to store towels and cosmetics.

5. How can investors set up this type of business in Sharjah?

How can investors set up this type of business in Sharjah?

Some simple steps must be followed when setting up a salon in Sharjah. Let’s take a look at them to start building your business:

  • Firstly, you must submit some passport and visa copies of the shareholders investing in the salon.
  • Secondly, you need to select a proper name for your beauty salon. After this, you will receive the initial approval from the pertinent authorities.
  • Thirdly, it is important to draft and sign the Memorandum of Association or a Local Service Agent.
  • After completing those steps, you’ll need to rent a salon shop according to the mandatory design. Hence you must agree with the tenant to obtain a tenancy contract along with the Ejari number.
  • You also need to obtain certain approvals. For instance, you’ll need approval from the Planning Section and the Health and Safety Division of the Sharjah Municipality.
  • And lastly, you must submit all necessary documents to obtain the final approval and your license.

To Start a Salon, What License Do You Need?

Evidently, opening a beauty salon requires a specific license, which is the salon business permit or salon license. However, you can find two types of salon licenses available in Sharjah. Therefore, it is important to determine the type of beauty salon you want before applying for a license.

If you want to open a beauty salon in Sharjah for women, you have to apply for a women’s salon license. Or in case you want to set up a salon for men, you’ll need the men’s salon license. In any case, it is essential to be aware of the activities and services that each of them covers.

6.1. Women’s Salon License.

A women’s beauty salon meets some basic concepts, which are transformation and hair care. These elements are the ones that approve this type of salon and make it need a women’s salon license. However, it is also important to know the activities and services that this license covers. Therefore, let’s take a look at them.

Firstly, hair care includes washing, straightening, waving, hair-fixing, trimming, coloring, and henna services. Secondly, cosmetic treatments or procedures can include other activities and services for female customers. For example, they include skin cleaning, facial aesthetic, makeup, skin hair removal, foot care, nail manicures, among other services.

6.2. Men’s Salon License.

On the other hand, having a men’s salon requires a different license, which is the men’s salon license. This license allows the investor to carry out similar activities and services. The only difference is the customers who receive these services, which in this case would be male customers.

Now, let’s see what kind of services this license covers. First of all, this license covers remodeling treatments, hairdressing, and hair care. However, each of these elements includes several services. Cosmetic treatments include hair removal, skin purification, facial aesthetic, and foot care. Meanwhile, hair care and dressing include cutting, trimming, dyeing, straightening, waving, and other similar services.

7. How Much Can Cost to Setup a Beauty Salon in this Emirate?

The cost for setting up this type of business can vary depending on certain factors. For example, the salon license cost in Sharjah is approximately AED 7,900. However, other elements must be taken into consideration when setting up a salon in Sharjah. For instance, some approvals, documents, and other fees are important during this process.

These are some key elements you must consider for setting up a salon:

  • The initial approval.
  • The name approval.
  • The typing and notarization of the Memorandum of Association.
  • The sponsorship fees.

If you sum up these elements plus the license, the total cost would be approximately AED 21,380. Besides, you should also remember to include other essential costs to open your salon. For example, salon furniture, tools, visas, and many other details will be important costs during the setup process.

8. How can Connectfz Help You Setup Business in Sharjah?

Besides having the opportunity to open a salon in Sharjah, you can also try other business ideas. Whatever you choose, you can count on Connectfz to get your business started and guarantee your success. With our help, you can obtain the guidance you need to select the most convenient options for you. Besides, the registration process gets easier and faster.

Moreover, there’s a variety of packages for you to choose from in Sharjah and many other locations. All of them are affordable and include the elements you need, like licenses, visas, facilities, etc. However, prices could vary depending on these details and the location you select.

On the other hand, we also offer some high-qualified support services to boost your business. For example, we offer banking services, payroll services, HR consultancy, and many more to improve your company. Feel free to contact us and get the information you need to start achieving your goals.

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