Everything you need to know about Unified Number in UAE

unified number in UAE

Anyone entering the United Arab Emirates will immediately receive a unique identifying number called a unified number in UAE. This number is only accessible to locals. This number was created by the nation’s government with the idea that it would serve as a means of identification for all the individuals living there.

In this article, we will be telling you all you need to know regarding unified number in UAE. It is crucial to note its significance, particularly for residents who can obtain additional documentation thanks to it. For those who want to have a business setup in Dubai mainland they required Emirates ID and other paperwork.

What is unified number UAE?

unified number in UAE

An Emirate unified number, often known as a UID number UAE, is a number with 9 to 15 digits. This automatically coincides with the issuing of the resident visa, as well as its renewal. In this approach, the UID will assist you in establishing that you are the sole owner of the visa. These are issued by the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA) and the General Directorate of Residence and Migration (GDRFA).

The participation in the issuing and administration of residency permits is the responsibility of both regulatory authorities. They also deal with requests for identification from refugees and other identifying documents connected to residency in the UAE. Everybody in this region has a different, unified ID number UAE.

Throughout your time in the region, this unified number in UAE will remain with you no matter your visa situation. The GDRFA and the ICA, on the other hand, are the regulatory bodies in charge of overseeing the entire application procedure, and they are the ones who issue these numbers. In this manner, they may verify that you have all the necessary permits to show that you reside in the UAE.

It is crucial that you possess a unified number because you will need it to apply for an Emirates ID. Also, this number remains the same if you terminate your visa or submit new applications. Each person is identified by their unique number in state legal bodies and those that deal with immigration. You must be aware of your unified ID number UAE and keep it secure at all times.

How to find the unified number online?

If you are wondering how to check UID number online, here is how:

  • Open GDRFA site.
  • Select “e-services.”
  • Click “Find UID.”
  • Then, fill out your details.
  • Consequently, hit submit.
  • See your unified number in UAE.

Frequently asked questions about UID number UAE

Here are some of the most popular questions regarding unified number in UAE:

What does the UID number means

UID means unified ID number. The number acts as a means of identification to distinguish between each visitor to the UAE. Most people wonder where to find uid number, you can find this number on your visa.

Can a person have more than one unified number?

Typically, no. However, numerous UID numbers may be allocated to the same person if a system error occurs. In this situation, you should approach immigration officials and request that your UID numbers be combined.

How can I merge my UID numbers?

You might receive more than one UID number. A system error may have an impact on the issuance of your residence visa. If this occurs, you need to address it right away because there might be a problem with your immigration records.

There is a guaranteed route out, so do not worry. The relevant immigration authorities (GDRFA) may combine the different UID numbers so that you only have one record with the immigration.

To merge the unified number in passport you must:

  • Go to the proper immigration office.
  • Take your visa and passport with you.
  • Likewise, you must take any cancelled or expired visa.

Is the unified number (UID) the same as the visa number?

No, the visa number and the unified number in UAE are two different things.

The ICA issues a unique code that is known as the UID number, occasionally referred to as the Unified Number. This 9-digit number is assigned to every foreigner that enters the nation. The UID number is necessary to apply for an Emirates ID.

The UAE visa number, contrary to the UID number, can be between 7 and 9 digits long. When a new visa is issued, this code number is assigned. The UAE visa number is crucial for a number of things, like checking a visa’s validity or starting the cancellation process.

Which government entities issues a UAE unified number

  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs

These are the entities that issue the unified number in UAE.

Is there a need to include UID in Emirates ID application?

A necessary piece of information for submitting an application for an Emirati ID is the Unified Number (UID). You must provide relevant documentation, including a residence permit or evidence of UID number, in order to finish your Emirates ID application without a UID number.

What is the significance of a UAE unified number?

unified number in UAE

If you live in the region under a golden visa or any other type of visa, it is imperative that you comprehend the significance of the unified number in UAE. This single number is visible to everyone above the visa number. It is also critical to point out that this UID is distinct from the visa number. You will discover that the UAE unified number contains important details about you, your visit’s purpose, and even how long you intend to stay in the country.

After knowing what the numbers in your unified number indicate, continue reading for further information:

  • Your number’s first three numbers represent the emirate where your visa was issued. It implies the applicant’s location. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that visas in Dubai begin with number 201 whereas those in Abu Dhabi begin with number 101. All visas issued in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi will have a diagonal bar following the number, it is very crucial to notice this.
  • The year the visa is being issued will be represented by the next four digits.
  • Your visa number will be the last set of numbers, between 7 and 9. If you ever need to provide your visa number for any legitimate government documents, you will need to use this number.

If you do not have one, you very likely will not be able to submit an application for a UAE ID or a green residency visa. A foreigner must therefore have a single number. Any form of legal difficulty can be prevented as a result when using this number in any procedure. You should keep in mind that this number is specific to you and that you should never give it out.

Benefits of the UAE unified number

It is essential to carefully study the information on your visa because it provides critical information. As a result, the advantages of the unified number in UAE are numerous, and it is critical that you are aware of them. Following that, we will look at the most essential advantages that this number provides.

Authorities provide a single number, for both people and organizations in the UAE government’s many systems and services. It will also make it easier to receive government services. You will be able to conduct transactions online in this way without needing to provide numerous documents or forms of identification. This number allows for less paperwork, which increases efficiency while doing any kind of service.

They can assist you in streamlining the registration process if you wish to register a business. Businesses will also be able to establish a presence with various authorities by utilizing just an application form as a result of this. On the other hand, you are still eligible to apply for a resident visa with this number. Additionally, having a special ID in the UAE migration database is beneficial.

The unified number in UAE also offers the following advantages:

  • Obtain or extend your Emirates ID, a legal requirement for all UAE residents and citizens. Your name, nation of origin, gender, signature, and biometrics are all present on this card.
  • If you want to begin working as a freelancer and wish to obtain a UAE freelance visa, you must submit your unified number.
  • You can create an account at any financial institution or if you like, seek a loan at any bank more quickly.

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