Your Unified Number UAE: Everything You Need to Know

unified number

The unified number is a series of numbers for a person by the immigration system to anyone entering the UAE. In this sense, the objective of these six digits is to identify any person who enters in the UAE for any reason, be it tourism, employment, or any other reason. This number is important since the person can use it for procedures such as residency visa applications and identification processing.

In this article, you will learn about how to obtain a unified number in UAE. Also, you will learn about the benefits and significance of this number, the process for its application, and other important points on this topic like its regulations, the verification process, and how to access to the government benefits.

How to Obtain Your Unified Number?

unified number

The Unified number is a number to all people who legally enter in the country regardless of the reason. Likewise, this number aims to identify and individualize people who enter the country legally. For its part, the UID number in UAE is granted by the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the airport. Once this number exist for a person this will be permanent.

Application Process and Documentation Requirements

If you do not have the UID number or cannot locate it online, a person can go to the General Directorate of Residence and Immigration where they will be given this number. Now, these are the documents that every person must submit to obtain the unified number:

  • Photocopy of valid passport.
  • Photocopies of old and current UAE visas.
  • If at any time the person’s visa has been rejected, they must present the rejection paper.

Minimizing the Risk of Unauthorized Access

The Unified number is part of the security measures used by the UAE immigration authorities to minimize the risk of unauthorized entry into the country. Linking the unified number with the visitor’s identification document establishes a robust identification system that helps verify the authenticity of individuals and prevent entry by unauthorized persons. Here are some ways that obtaining the unified number contributes to security:

  • Identity verification:

This number provides a unique identification for each person entering the country. The Emirates Identity Center can easily verify a person’s identity by associating their unified number with their personal information in the system.

  • Border control:

By requiring visitors to the UAE to present their identification document with the unified number when entering or leaving the country, authorities can carry out quick and efficient verification of the identity of individuals. This certainly helps prevent unauthorized entry or identity fraud.

  • System integration:

This number is linked to various government systems in the country. Therefore, this allows information and data to be shared between different agencies and departments which improves efficiency in the management and exchange of security-relevant information.

  • Fraud detection:

This identification system helps detect and prevent fraud and illegal activities. In this sense, authorities can monitor transactions and services associated with the unified number to identify suspicious patterns or fraudulent activities.

Benefits and Significance of Your Unified Number in the UAE

The unified number offers a series of benefits and is of great importance. Below are some of the main benefits of this number:

  • Accurate identification:

This number provides a precise and unique identification for each visitor to the country. In this sense, this helps avoid confusion and errors in government procedures and services since each individual has a unique number in relation to their identity.

  • Simplification of procedures:

For its part, this instrument facilitates the completion of various procedures and services in the country. By presenting this number the visitor can quickly access personal information and avoid having to provide multiple identification documents each time.

  • Service integration:

The unified number is the primary identifier in the country’s government systems. Therefore, it allows for more efficient integration of services and data between different agencies and departments which streamlines service delivery and information management.

  • Security and authenticity:

Likewise, it provides an additional layer of security and authenticity in procedures and services. When authorities verify this number in combination with the identification document, it is possible to confirm the identity of the holder and reduce the risk of fraud or identity theft.

  • Crime prevention:

For its part, it is also useful in the prevention and detection of crimes. Being linked to different systems and databases helps authorities track and monitor suspicious activities which contributes to the overall security of the country.

  • Access to services:

The unified number is necessary to access a wide range of services in the UAE such as health services, education, banking services, and other government services.

Efficient Public Services: How Your Unified Number Streamlines Access to Government Benefits

The unified number in the UAE plays a crucial role in streamlining access to government benefits in several ways:

  • Quick identification:

By providing this number in government procedures and services, the individual in question can be quickly identified. This avoids the need to provide multiple ID documents and streamlines the process of verifying the applicant’s identity.

  • Service integration:

The unified number is part of different government systems and databases. Therefore, this allows for efficient integration of services which means that the individual’s data and information can be easily accessed and shared between different government agencies and departments. This reduces the need to provide the same information repeatedly and speeds up access to government benefits.

  • Process automation:

This instrument allows government systems to automate many processes such as the provision of benefits. This includes verifying eligibility, calculating benefits, updating data, and generating relevant documents. In this sense, automation reduces waiting times and administrative burdens, which accelerates access to benefits.

  • Fraud prevention:

Likewise, it allows for quick and accurate verification of an individual’s identity. Therefore, it helps prevent fraud and ensure that government benefits goes to the right people. Having a robust identification system reduces the risk of identity theft and ensures that benefits reach those who legitimately need them.

Enhanced Data Security: The Role of Your Unified Number in Safeguarding Personal Information

The unified number in UAE plays a fundamental role in protecting personal information. Here are some key aspects:

  • Unique identification:

The unified number assigns each individual a unique identifier that is used in various procedures and services. Therefore, having a unique number associated with a person’s identity reduces the possibility of confusion or mixing of personal information with that of other individuals.

  • Identity verification:

This number in combination with the resident identification card helps more accurately verify a person’s identity. In this sense, this is especially important in protecting against identity theft and fraud since the presentation of the unified number is required to access government services and benefits.

  • Information access control:

Likewise, the unified number is necessary to access personal information that is in the country’s government systems. This guarantees that only authorities and government entities have access to individuals’ personal information, which helps protect it from improper access.

  • Systems security:

The systems and databases that store the personal information of this number are subject to rigorous security measures. That is, there are a series of protocols and procedures to protect information against cyber threats and safeguard the privacy of individuals.

  • Consent and control of the owner:

The holder of the unified number has control and the right to grant or revoke consent for the use and disclosure of his or her personal information. In this regard, data protection laws in the UAE establish safeguards to ensure that personal information is only used in accordance with legitimate purposes and with the consent of the individual.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

In the UAE, compliance with data protection regulations is a priority in relation to the unified number.

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is the body responsible for ensuring compliance with data protection regulations in the country. Likewise, the key regulations related to data protection in the UAE are:

  • Protection of data:

The Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data establishes the general principles and requirements for the processing and protection of personal data in the UAE. This law establishes the bases for the legitimate processing of personal data, the rights of individuals in relation to their data, and the obligations of organizations that process this data.

  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority:

The TRA is responsible for monitoring and enforcing data protection regulations in the UAE. Additionally, this body issues guidelines and policies to ensure that organizations comply with data protection regulations and take appropriate measures to safeguard the privacy of individuals.

  • Consent and rights of the data owner:

Data protection regulations in the UAE prioritize the principle of informed consent. Organizations must have the consent from the before collecting, processing, or sharing their data. Additionally, individuals have the rights to access, correct, and delete their personal data, as well as to request its deletion or restriction in certain circumstances.

  • Data security:

Organizations that process the unified number and other personal data are necessary to implement appropriate security measures to protect the data against loss, unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure. This includes implementing technical and organizational controls, such as encryption, access management, and staff training.

Secure Data Sharing and Verification Practices

To ensure secure verification and data-sharing practices regarding the unified number in UAE, the following practices are advisable:

  • Regulatory compliance:

It is essential to comply with the data protection regulations of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). In this sense, this involves understanding and following the laws and guidelines for the processing and protection of personal data.

  • Limited access and disclosure:

Unified number data should be accessible only to authorized persons who need such information for specific and legitimate purposes.

  • Systems and data security:

The implementation of appropriate security measures are very important to protect Unified Number systems and data. This includes the use of encryption, firewalls, malware protection, and other IT security measures.

  • Explicit consent:

For its part, before collecting, processing, or sharing personal data associated with the unified number, the explicit consent of the data owner must be obtained. Likewise, consent must be informed and specific, and individuals must have the option to revoke it at any time.

  • Proper data retention and deletion:

Personal data associated with the unified number should be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes. After that period, the data must be securely and permanently deleted, following best practices and applicable regulations.

  • Training and awareness:

Likewise, it is essential to provide training and awareness to employees and staff who verify and exchange unified number data. However, they must understand data protection regulations, security best practices, and the importance of safeguarding data privacy and confidentiality.

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unified number

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