UAE Visa Types: Your Comprehensive Guide


One of the most rapidly developing countries in the Middle East region is the United Arab Emirates with dynamic economics and increased tourism. Tourists, professionals, businessman, and investors from around the world are pouring through different visa types in UAE to enjoy the facilities and opportunities the country offers. All the scenarios were in our mind so that we decided to pen down the types of visa in the UAE for you so that you know how to apply for them and what benefits are there for people in them.

Introduction to UAE Visas

People from almost 50 countries can enter the United Arab Emirates without any visa. Also, nationals of GCC region do not require any visa for entering the United Arab Emirates. However, besides these options, people from all other countries must apply for UAE visa or they must find sponsor within the UAE to enter the country.

Individuals who avail of visa on arrival can stay in the UAE for 30-60 days depending on their passport. In addition, the UAE visas can be processed through:

  • Electronic visa processing
  • Visa processing through official immigration websites of the UAE
  • Visa processing through recognized enterprises in the UAE (travel agencies, hotels, airlines)

The visa types in UAE are classified according to the visa purpose and duration of the individual’s stay. However, all visas in the UAE have 60 days validity after the date of issuance to enter the UAE. This validity date does not apply to the Transit Visa that is issued for only 48 to 96 hours.

Importance of visas in the UAE

There is a vital role of visas in shaping the United Arab Emirates demographic dynamically and they regulate the entrance of diverse kind of individuals in the country. The role of visas is beyond just being an entry permit and they let individuals contribute to the economic prosperity of the UAE, and enhancing cultural diversity.

Different types of visas offer different benefits like employment visas let UAE get the skilled professionals from all over the world. Similarly, investor visas foster economic growth by letting investors from all over the world into the UAE.

That is why, the careful management of the processes of visa in the UAE is important to keep the national security intact, align economic goals with immigration, and create the society of the UAE full of harmonious cultures.

Types of visas available in UAE

Types of visas available in UAE

UAE offer many types of visas to tourists, professionals, investors and even students from all over the world. There are two main visa categories for UAE:

  1. UAE visitors visas
  2. UAE residence visas

However, we will discuss some of the most common types of visas that UAE immigration authorities provide under these categories:

Tourist Visas UAE

Tourists visas UAE are for those individuals willing to explore the land of United Arab Emirates. the visa has extensive UAE government support and is issued for 30 to 90 days depending on how much duration an individual intends to stay in the United Arab Emirates. Individuals can apply for short term and long term tourist visas with single or multiple-entry visas.

Residence Visas UAE

The UAE population is comprised of outsiders for 88% who are enjoying their lives in the country. You can also become the UAE expatriate through the residence visa UAE. However, there are various visas that fall under the residence visa category and understanding them is crucial. We are listing them below:

  • Golden Visa UAE
  • UAE Green Visa
  • A residence visa for working outside the UAE is for foreign individuals
  • Retirement residence visa for foreign nationals
  • A business residence visa for the UAE
  • Residence visas for family members

Job Seeker Visa UAE

The job seeker visa UAE is a specialized form of UAE visit visa for individuals seeking opportunities of employment in the UAE. This visa let individuals enter the UAE independently for 60 to 120 days. An individual must have at least a graduation degree, having AED 5,000 minimum monthly income, and must provide financial assurance. Through job seeker visa UAE individuals can explore their career prospects, and UAE government is able to attract skilled professionals as well.

Freelance Visa UAE

UAE government is continuously changing its visa policies to make it more lenient for expatriates. With the announcement of new freelance visa UAE policies, freelance professionals can live and start freelancing in the Dubai, UAE with a freelance permit. To acquire this visa, an individual must submit:

  • A bachelor’s degree or valid degree equivalent to it
  • A specialized professional diploma relevant to it
  • 2 years freelance experience proof
  • A record of two years of freelance income of up to AED 360,000

Through freelance visa, freelancers from all over the world are provided with a golden chance to avail of the facilities of tax free freelance zones of the UAE and provide their services to clients

Investor Visa UAE

Through Investor visa UAE individuals are able to get business setup in Dubai mainland and engaged in investment activities related to business or real estate, providing them with exclusive financial activities. Investors avail of these perks in the form of renewable residence visa for the validity of 5 or 10 years, along with various other advantages like tax exemptions, independent residency etc.

Golden Visa UAE

Golden Visa UAE is among the UAE visa types for long-term working. One can stay in the UAE and also get Spouse visa in Dubai for 5 to 10 years through it. This visa is for foreigners who want to work, reside, or study in the United Arab Emirates.

Remote Work Visa UAE

It is a residence visa for individual working remotely outside the UAE but want to reside in the United Arab Emirates. It has the validity of 1 year. Remote work visa Dubai is issued to individuals earning at least 3,500 USD or the equivalent per month.

Green Visa UAE

The UAE Green Visa is for the empowerment of freelancers, self-employed professionals and individuals, , and other skilled workers to sponsor themselves independently along with their families. This Green Visa UAE  has the validity of 5 years with renewal option.

Retirement Visa UAE

Individuals that want to stay in the country post their retirement are eligible for the retirement visa UAE Dubai. The visa initially grants them a residency for five years with the option of renewal. However, individuals must meet the specific criteria of eligibility to qualify it.

Here is the detail regarding retirement visa in Dubai:

  • Individual must be 55 years or older
  • Individual must have 15 years of minimum experience outside the UAE and in the UAE as well.
  • The applicant must have invested AED 2 million in real estate in the UAE
  • The individual must have AED 1 million or more in his bank account


So these were the common visa types in UAE that you must understand to get the successful entry in the UAE. There are many PRO visa services Dubai to help you acquire your desired visa and excel your career in the UAE.

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