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The UAE has turned into a famous decision for worldwide ostracizes looking for new skylines lately. The nation holds gigantic allure with its rich embroidery of societies and plenty of chances.

Dubai stands apart as a blend of societies among its lively urban communities. It offers a unique mix of social commitment, business open doors, throbbing nightlife, and different indoor and outside pursuits for ostracizes.

Understanding the visa procedure is fundamental for those peering toward an expert excursion in Dubai. Particularly the 2 years employment visa Dubai price, so you can flawlessly plan your journey

In this blog, we expect to outfit you with all the important data. This incorporates exploring the domain of work visas, the Dubai employment visa costs, 2 years employment visa Dubai price, and essentials.

So, let’s starting this exciting journey of knowing each and every step in depth!

Understanding Employment Visas in the UAE

Securing a visa or work permit is essential for employment within the Emirates for expatriates aspiring to work in the UAE. For instance, a work permit is also known as an entry permit. It is an authorization issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It allows foreigners to enter and work legally in the UAE for a specified duration.

On the other hand, the work visa permit is often referred to as a residency visa. It is obtainable for foreigners already present in the country with an entry permit. Relocating to the UAE requires a resident visa. It must encompass your work permit within its purview. Hope you now understand what is employment visa is about

In addition to this, we also let you know the 2 years employment visa dubai price along with the employment visa types and eligibility criteria.

Types of Employment Visas in the UAE

There are three important types of employment visas in the UAE. This involves:

  1. Standard Work Visa
  2. Green Visa
  3. Golden Visa

Standard Work Visa

The standard work visa is the most common type of work visa. This visa is sponsored by an employer in the private sector, government sector, or free zones. The key features of a standard work visa include:

  • It is valid for 2 years of tenure
  • The standard work visa can be renewable
  • This visa is sponsored by an employer
  • It allows workers to work for the sponsoring employer only

Green Visa:

The Green visa was introduced in the year 2022. This Visa targets freelancers, skilled professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. The key benefits of the Green visa include:

  • The Green visa has a 5-year validity
  • There is no sponsor/employer is required
  • It can be renewable on the same terms
  • The Green visa comes with more flexibility in work and residency

Note that the eligibility criteria may vary for different categories.

Golden Visa:

The Golden Visa UAE offers long-term residency without a sponsor. The eligible ones for this visa are high-net-worth individuals. Eligibility criteria for this visa include:

  • Investors can apply for this visa with an AED 2 million deposit
  • The real estate investors with properties worth AED 2 million
  • Entrepreneur with projects worth AED 500,000
  • Specialized talents like scientists, doctors, athletes, Ph.D. holders, etc.

Eligibility Requirements for Employment Visas

Eligibility Requirements for Employment Visas

Non-residents should be aged 18 or older to work in the UAE. Notwithstanding, they should meet the specified necessities illustrated by the MOHRE (The UAE labor law)

Then again, there’s no extreme age limit for work in the UAE. The businesses might cause extra expenses for laborers aged 65 or more.

The educational qualifications and skill levels of foreign workers determine the categories to which they are assigned.

Category 1:

In this category, individuals holding a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.

Category 2:

The one possessing post-secondary qualifications in any field.

Category 3:

It includes individuals with a high school diploma.

Required Documents for Work Visa Permit

Applicants are required to ensure compliance with the UAE employment visa requirements when applying for a job visa. This includes:

  • Valid Passport: A passport with a minimum validity period.
  • Passport-size photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs as per the specified guidelines.
  • Educational Credentials: Academic certificates attesting to the applicant’s qualifications.
  • Medical Certificate: A valid medical certificate issued by approved medical facilities.
  • Employer’s Documents: Relevant documents pertaining to the hiring company, such as the commercial license and company registration documents.

The Role of Employers in the Visa Process

The employer plays a crucial role in the employment visa process. By initiating the process, the employer applies for an employment visa quota approval from the MOHRE. The department acts as the employee visa sponsor. Taking legal responsibility for their stay and work authorization.

On the other hand, the employer needs to provide a signed employment contract. This entails:

  • Outlining salary
  • Benefits, and
  • Probation period.

They are responsible for submitting all necessary documents for the visa application. This includes the employee’s passport and medical test results. The employer applies for the entry permit and work visa. They apply with the MOHRE on the employee’s behalf. Covering the associated fees for medical tests, visa processing, and other government charges.

On visa approval, the employer facilitates the entry of employee into the UAE. With the GDFRA, they arrange for the employee’s medical test and residence visa application. The employer is responsible for ensuring the employee obtains their Emirates ID card, a national identification document linked to the visa.

Understanding the Breakdown of Costs

Before we understand the eligibility criteria and employment visa type. Now, we discuss the work permit fees in the UAE. In short, the 2 years employment visa Dubai price. The fees are structured and categorized as follows:

  • For Category 1, the fee of AED 300 is applicable
  • It ranges from AED 600 to AED 2000 for Category 2 Depending upon the worker’s skill level, whether skilled or unskilled.
  • The Category 3 individuals need to submit AED 5000

Dubai’s work visa is substantial for 2 years. Normally, the charges range between AED 3000 to AED 7000. Are expected to pay a standard fee of AED 5,000, regardless of their designated classification, if they are foreign laborers aged 65 or above.

Moreover, the expenses are dependent on future developments and may fluctuate in view of individual conditions and legislative guidelines

Now, you understand the 2 years employment visa Dubai price with the conditions involved

Process for Acquiring a Work Visa and Permit in the UAE

It is a structured process to secure a work permit in the UAE. It is overseen by the MOHRE. Here, we share the steps involved in obtaining a work permit and visa:

Employer Application

It is the responsibility of your employer who initiate the process by submitting an application to the MOHRE. It must include all the necessary documents required for processing.

Document Submission:

Employers provide the required documents to support the work permit application.

Review by MOHRE:

The Ministry of Labour reviews the application submitted by the employer.  Ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements.

Approval and Permit Issuance:

Upon approval, the work permit is issued. The approved permit can be downloaded by the employer.

Residence Visa Application:

Within 60 days of arriving in the UAE on a Pink visa (Work Entry Visa), applicants must initiate the process of obtaining a UAE residence visa and an official work permit.

Ministry of Labor Permission:

Once the employer receives the Ministry of Labor permission for the immigration quota. They can proceed with the work license application on behalf of the employee.

Residency Visa Issuance:

The residency visa is issued once the work permit application is approved. This enables the employee to commence official employment.

Medical Screening and Emirates ID:

Applicants undergo a mandatory medical examination, which necessitates presenting an Emirates ID. This process involves submitting the entry visa, original passport, and a copy thereof at the Emirates ID service center.

Work Entry Visa

Upon arrival at the airport, candidates receive a Work Entry Visa (Pink visa), granting them permission to stay in the UAE for a period of two months while completing the resident visa application.

Biometric Testing and Documentation

Upon appearance in the UAE, candidates go through biometric testing. They need to submit documents. This includes the entry permit, passport, and work contract. Along with that, they need to continue with the clinical screening.


In conclusion, expatriates who want to move to the UAE for better employment opportunities must know the prerequisites for an employment visa. Those who already know experience a smooth hassle-free journey to a new job. However, the ones who don’t understand it can face several difficulties. The specific requirements include the documents, eligibility criteria 2 years employment visa Dubai price, and visa type. This information can be obtained from any UAE employment website. However, if you need assistance you can get touch with Connect Free Zone!

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