Benefits of employment visa UAE

employment visa UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a vibrant financial center that brings in professionals from all over the world. To work lawfully in this nation, you should get an employment visa UAE. This visa enables you residency and also the authorization to benefit a particular company within the nation.

In this article, we will direct you via the obtaining procedure of an employment visa UAE. We will teach you the eligibility requirements, the Dubai employment visa cost, and also the essential documents that you will need. Furthermore, we will certainly resolve frequently asked inquiries and offer useful sources to aid you browse your trip to operating in the Emirates.

Benefits of Employment Visa UAE

Employment-Visa -UAE

Having an Employment Visa UAE is a secret key that has multiple advantages for people who want to dwell and work in the country.

  • One of the most substantial advantages is a chance to carry out a business and a personal life in a legality way in the UAE. This gives a possibility to people to establish a career, gain valuable work experience.
  • Moreover, the employment visa holders get the opportunity to use the country first-rate healthcare network. Such assistance provides not only the public finance healthcare institutions but private health insurance companies too. This makes sure that people get proper medical treatment.
  • In addition, employment visa UAE gives people rights to open bank accounts and to get other range of financial services. Therefore, it gives them the power to handle their finances, invest in the UAE. Also, gives the power to build a secure financial future that can endure over time.
  • On the top of it all, employment sponsorship is another advantage of workers having employment visas in UAE; this includes accompanying his/her spouse and children. This strengthens the families bond which in turn make the whole family live in a friendly environment.
  • The driving license becomes a lot feasible while the work permit in extended. They give ample freedom to see and travel regularly across different terrains and captivating metropolises of the UAE.
  • Employees under employment visa Dubai can travel to named destinations without obtaining additional visas.

Despite the fact that employment visas bring into the light a number of good sides, it is imperative to remember that in UAE laws and regulations dominate. Therefore, these arrangements are satisfactory and pleasant for both employees and their enterprises.

Types of Employment Visa in UAE

The United Arab Emirates visa arrangements include various types of employment visas for different needs and circumstances.

  • The most common type they grant is a Standard Work Visa. This type of visa is uphold by an employer. This employer needs to be a candidate from private sector, public sector or free zones. Small Businesses can obtain this financial assistance from the government for a period of two to three years as long as certain criteria are met.
  • The new UAE government has introduced the Green Visa that is a long-lasting residence permit. This visa is in favor of highly qualified profiles, as well as investors and business owners. It is a five-year-validity permit. Besides, it lets you apply for adding on your family members.
  • The Golden Visa is a long-term residency program that was started by the UAE. These visas are reserved for people who are interested in investing, creating a startup business or demonstrating exceptional talents. It provides a ten year validity and it is more suitable than other visa options.
  • Besides these general categories there are also some visas specific for work like for domestic workers and short-running projects.

Consulting with relevant authorities or Employment Visa processing agencies in order to get the most convenient job visa would be critical in this case. They will act as a guide and help with making the application less complex.

Application Process for the Employment Visa in UAE

The application process for an employment visa UAE started by the employer.

  • Employers should request an entry visa quota approval from the Ministry of Labour before the process can start. Such a condition is common in case the job vacancy is not inside of any of the UAEs free zones.
  • This enables the employer to move on to the next step of the visa application once the quota has been approved. The employer must hand in one of the employees passports, a contract that has been signed up to, and some other important papers.
  • Whether it is for a work visa, student visa, or the visitor visa, the main requirements that may be request will differ.
  • This process will conclude with the completion of the workers medical checkup as well as the medical fitness test. If successful, it will be grant an employment entry visa. This visa allows them to enter the UAE just to complete the application process for the visa.
  • On arrival in the Emirates, the employer is subjected to another series of medical procedures and will need to apply for a UAE residence visa. This visa will give them the opportunity to stay and work in UAE.
  • The whole procedure may last for several weeks or until when the last call for applications will be complete.

To obtain a self employment visa, you will need to meet the self employment visa UAE requirements:

  • Freelance permit.
  • Education certificates.
  • Income proof.
  • Financial solvency.

Such criteria permits to get Green Visa job. This visa has the residence allowance for five years with the opportunity of renewal.

What are the eligibility criteria for Employment Visa in UAE?

To obtain an employment visa UAE, you must meet an specific eligibility criteria:

  • First of all, make sure that you have a passport. This passport have to be valid for minimum of six months before your travel date. On this one, you can be assured that your passport will not expire before
  • Then, seek and obtain an offer for the job with a UAE-based organization. Only a company holding a valid license to operate within the territory of the UAE by the relevant regulatory authorities is permit to operate.
  • Apart from that, make sure that you satisfy the educational qualifications request by the available position. The employer visa UAE requirements are very individual in each case based on the specific practice and level of the request skill.
  • Fourthly, you need a medical fitness test by a certified UAE medical center. Such is indispensable to satisfy the health and work requirements in the UAE.
  • Besides the ones we said, you would need a few more documents based on your particular case. These are documents proving experience in the capacity of a service provider, relevant qualifications, and proof of their financial credentials.

For the most recent data and visit UAE authorities or visa processing agency. They will contribute through offering current information and support applicants during application procedure. Make sure you have all the employment visa UAE requirements before applying.

Do not forget to find out about employment visa cost in UAE before getting one.

UAE Employment Visa Rules

The Employment Regulations Visa of UAE is a bundle of rules that allows foreign citizens to get a employment visa UAE and maintain it. This is to guarantee that foreign migrant workers are legally permit to work in the country.

Some of the rules are:

  • Companies that would like to employ foreign nationals bear the responsibility of sponsoring the visas of their employees.
  • Visa Application. The required approval to receive a work visa in the UAE includes medical tests which would ensure that individuals are in a good shape to work.
  • The visa terms of UAE usually are grant for a certain limited period of time and the renewal is conditional on the individuals employment and underlying regulations.
  • In addition to the work visa, work permit and residence permit, the workers will be permit to legally work and stay in the UAE.
  • Employers are typically responsible to meet visa related expenditures for their workers whenever it is time for either renewal or initial application of the work visa.
  • For those with Visa violations in the UAE will pay penalization which may be fines, deportation, and banning re-entry into the country.
  • Sponsorship of dependents. Visa holders of UAE could, for instance, include their dependents, like spouses or children, to live with them and vice versa.
  • Job changes. Obtaining a work visa in the UAE means that the individual needs a visa sponsorship from a new employer in transit.

It is crucial for UAE residents to take time to understand and practice the UAE Employment Visa Rules. In this way, they make sure that they are abiding the law and avoid any problems from occurring later.

How long is a UAE employment visa valid

The period validity of the employment visa UAE is dependent on the type of visa. There are three main types of Visa in UAE

  • Job Offer Visa. This visa defeats the object of 30-days stay. You can devote this period to take care of technicalities related to your residence visa, such as its application and issuance, for example.
  • Contract Employment Visa. This visa is stamp exactly for the duration of your employment contract, but not more than a 3-year. You can extend the period if your work relationship do not end.
  • Green Visa. This the residency for workers with more expertise and freelancers. Also, you can do a renewal of this type of visa.

Nevertheless, the duration is subject to the discretion of the particular employment contract agreement and the terms of sponsorship designated by the employer.

Do not forget that the following recommendations are general. Find out from the relevant authorities before obtain an employment visa Dubai without problems. Likewise, find out about the Dubai employment visa cost

Difference between Employment Visa and Work Permit

employment visa UAE

Employment visa and work permit allow foreign workers operate in UAE. The former is specific for a working category of a foreign worker and the latter is a permission of the job category requested.

  • The work permit provides the employer with an opportunity to recruit such workers from foreign countries. The company manages and finances all, as well as include a conditional employment proposition.
  • Residing in UAE and doing your job is possible with the assistance of an employment visa. This is grant on the same work permit and will serve as a document to prove that the holder is legally permit to live and work in the country.

Both is an integral part of foreign expatriation in the United Arab Emirates

Meanwhile, the costs among each document are also different. Currently, this are the employment visa cost in UAE:

  • Depending on the organization he/she is working for (classes A, B, C), a work permit is charged on like that. It has prices that vary from AED 250 to AED 3450.
  • Employment visa cost depends on its type (Labor certificate, fixed-term, Green visas). The price is from 956 AED to 1479 AED.

As an example, the initial phase may cost from AED 3,000 to AED 8,450; the fees might be higher.

Please note that the cost also varies by additional fees. This costs can be: medical tests, Emirates ID fees, and various miscellaneous fees might lead to even higher total cost.


To sum up, getting the employment visa UAE is a two stage procedure. First, the employer must secure a work permit, authorizing them to hire you. Once obtained, you can apply for an employment visa based on the work permit. This visa allows you to reside and work legally in the UAE.

Remember, visa costs can vary depending on factors like company classification and visa type. Please note that if you need to obtain a self employment visa, you need to have on hand all the self employment visa UAE requirements. Consult the UAE authorities or visa processing companies for the latest information and exact costs.

If you have any questions concerning visas in UAE, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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