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Setup Your Business in Dubai Free Zone

We all know that Dubai is one of the top economies in the world. It is the biggest market in the region for newcomers and established inventors and entrepreneurs. Subsequently, a Freezone business setup in Dubai is the main thing that comes to mind when thinking about developing a company in the UAE.

Conducting a Dubai Freezone company setup by yourself can be difficult. So, procuring the services of a business consultancy is very beneficial. Connect Free Zone is the right place to go when looking for the best Dubai Freezone license costs. With us, you will find a service package that suits your necessities.

The decision to start your Dubai Freezone company setup is vital. The process itself has been encouraged by the government in the latest years. Providing new laws and regulations to protect locals and foreigners alike. Dubai Freezone company formation is possible in various locations of the region. It is one of the UAE’s markets that is in constant development.

Beginning your Freezone company setup is a great idea. There are many remunerations to establishing a business in Dubai Freezone. Subsequently, it is the perfect spot to convey business and expand operations. Additionally, with the support of Connect Free Zone, you can forget about any burdens and let us deal with this whole process while saving on your final Dubai Freezone company setup cost.

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Advantages of Freezone Business Setup in Dubai

The UAE is a great example when it comes to setting standards in the worldwide economic market. They always provide necessary changes to rules and regulations to benefit investors and entrepreneurs. Thus, setting up certain standards for in-site and online businesses.

Process of Freezone business setup in Dubai

To begin your Dubai Freezone company setup, you have to follow a series of steps so you can start operating in the UAE. Generally, this process can be demanding if you are experiencing it alone. Nevertheless, with our support, you can navigate it swiftly. Having a tailored package of services will make your Freezone company setup effortless.

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Step 2


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Step 4

Opening a Bank Account

First, to start your Dubai Freezone company formation journey, you got to define what type of company you want to establish. Also, you need to choose the area where you intend to create your corporation as each one has different requirements to fulfill.

Second, you need to choose the trade name of your business. Always keep in mind that it has to match the type of activity your Freezone company setup is conveying. Then, with the help of a business consultancy, you have to register your company’s trading name.

After that process, you will procure a business license. Dubai Freezone license costs vary depending on which area your company is established. Applying for any type of business license is easier when you do it through an agency, as they will take care of any legalities and other inconveniences.

Finally, when all of the approvals and documentation are in place, you can start operating your Freezone business setup in Dubai. This whole process usually takes up to four weeks. It is necessary as your law compliance depends on it.

It is important to remember that you have many business models to select. The most common are sole establishments, LLCs, company branches, and civil companies. Choosing one will help you deal with your resources and assets in the right way. Additionally, it will set the tone when organizing your losses and profits.

Necessary Documents for Dubai Freezone Company Formation

To start your Dubai Freezone company setup, you need to compile the required documents to effectuate the legal procedures. This paperwork needs to be formally presented to the Gulf Cooperation Council or the Arab Embassy for approval.

Valid Business Card, and Application License Form.

Notarized and attested Board Resolution appointing a manager and a director.

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Passport copies of every partner.

Bank reference including share capital information.

Non-Objection Certificate from your sponsor.

Once you gather all your documents, we will send them to the corresponding authorities, depending on the Freezone. Working with Connect Free Zone will allow you to save on Dubai Freezone company setup costs. Plus, you will receive your business license in no time as our agents know how important your time is.

Saving on your Dubai Freezone license cost allows you to remain within budget. And once you have a license, you can start trading within your sector. Having a business license in a Freezone means that you can carry out certain business operations while being protected by the UAE Laws.

Types of Business Licenses for Freezone Business Setup Dubai

Before you begin your Dubai Freezone company formation, you need to know what type of business license you require according to your specific trade.

General Trading License

Investors looking to start a Freezone business setup in Dubai should have a general trading license. These licenses are necessary to convey multiple trading activities that are in the same or different sectors. Economic activities under this Dubai Freezone license cost include trading and importation/exportation of goods or commodities.

The most ordinary articles companies trade under this license are accessories, electronics, clothes, and furniture. It is important to note that goods like pharmaceutical products and alcoholic beverages need special approval from the authorities for their supply. The general trading license for a Dubai Freezone company formation can be renovated yearly.

E-commerce License

This type of business license is very popular right now as many businesses are shifting from traditional to online trading. With Connect Free Zone, this Dubai Freezone license cost can be below the regular price. Once you obtain one, you are ready to start your online business venture in no time.

There are three types of e-commerce licenses for you to select according to your kind of business. Firstly, E-Trader License to investors looking to offer their services and products online. Secondly, Portal License is ideal for entrepreneurs to place reservations on top of providing services or other goods. And thirdly, Virtual Company License allows locals and foreigners to undertake commercial activities in the UAE.

Other licenses

Other types of licenses for Freezone business setup in Dubai include:

Trading License: to deal with trading activities such as buying and selling certain products.

Freelance License: for individuals that provide independent contractor amenities in the region.

Service License: for companies who want to deal with activities like accountancy and consultancy.

Industrial License: for corporations that carry out manufacturing, processing, and packaging activities.

Dubai Freezone License Cost

To know your final Dubai Freezone company setup cost you need to know what kind of licenses you will need for your business. Plus, you have to take into account that if you are a foreigner, you may need other paperwork such as visas and permits to convey business in the UAE.

Connect Free Zone provides many value-added services to establish and develop your company. Our Dubai Freezone company setup rates are the lowest in the market. We offer Zero Visa Licenses for General Trading starting at AED 11.900. Besides, it also includes the Unit Lease Agreement and Memorandum of Association.

On the other hand, we have a package of Freezone License plus 3 Year Visa for AED 17.900. Including the Memorandum of Association, visa, license, and Unit Lease Agreement. Lastly, we provide an E-commerce License Only, including the Memorandum of Association and Unit Lease Agreement starting at AED 11.900.

Connect Free Zone is your first option for Dubai Freezone company formation; if you need business consultancy, staff outsourcing, UAE market entry, tax advisory, visa services, and more. We are here for you. In short, with more than 22 years of experience, we have the necessary knowledge to take your company to the next level.  

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