Steps to get the KHDA approval for your Dubai educational company


The UAE has been an important educational hub across the Middle East with a higher number of international and private academic centers. In addition, the UAE government started the KHDA to ensure high-quality education. You must ensure you obtain the KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE so you can start.

In this article, we will ensure you understand everything about this step-by-step process and its importance for educational companies. The KHDA, on the other hand, has the power to audit academies, score them publicly, and distribute fines to failing providers. This criterion aims to improve the educational standard of the country.

1. What is the KHDA?

The quality and development of private education in Dubai is the responsibility of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Moreover, the entity has fixed qualifications for teachers in private schools of the emirates following its commitment to quality. As aforementioned, this criterion aims to protect and improve teaching standards in private schools. That is why you should know how important it is to get the KHDA approval for your educational business.

According to education leaders, the current demand is overtaking supply. As a result, education providers and trainers offering this kind type of teaching that UAE residents want to obtain can expect to reap rewards in the upcoming years.

But if you want to start offering any type of educational, academic, or technical services in the emirate you must obtain first the KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE.

The KHDA, on the other hand, was founded in 2006 to regulate the emirate’s private educational sector (it is regulated independently of the rest of the emirates). Similarly, it also requires new providers to complete various steps before they can start operating. Dubai has been one of the most important educational hubs in the UAE. It also has higher numbers of foreign and private educational centers compared to the rest of the emirates.

2. Why should you set up an educational institution in the UAE?

Dubai, and the UAE, more broadly, have a rapid-growing population that has high standards in the different sectors including private education. According to a 2016 report from Alpen Capital’s GCC Education Industry, it is a compelling prospect for training and education providers:

As aforementioned, Dubai has high standards in the different sectors. There are a few things you should know about the new booming sectors in the emirate.

  • Enrolment in high-level education institutes has been growing by around 10% each year from 2009 to 2014.
  • Annual private school fees range from AED 1,700 to AED 98,500.
  • Almost half the country’s schools are private and more than ¾ of higher education is also private.

3. Step-by-step process for obtaining the KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE

All businesses wishing to set up as an education provider in Dubai must complete the following list of steps:

3.1. Select type of education and location

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) accepts applications from a broad range of education-related activities such as:

  • Early childhood care and private tutoring.
  • On-the-job skills.
  • Management Training.

However, the entire application process varies depending on the type of activity you want to offer.

When it comes to location, if you are a higher-level education and academic service provider, you will likely want to be based in the Dubai International Academic City. However, keep in mind that certain workplace training providers may prefer a free zone targeting the industry to which they cater.

3.2. Complete your registration plan

This is one of the most time-consuming and important stages in the process of applying for the KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE. Moreover, you are required to complete a detailed registration plan. This must include information such as:

  • Introduction to your organization: it must show your purpose and your provided value.
  • Requirements analysis: stating the demand for your type of training.
  • Shareholder information.
  • Training services: according to the different KHDA classifications.
  • Non-training services: details of other activities you will provide.
  • A training courses list: you will provide this requirement.
  • Staff experience: including relevant information and qualifications.
  • Certification: information on the types of certificates you will provide.
  • Resources and facilities: including classrooms and equipment.
  • Marketing: stating how you will spread the word about your educational brand.
  • Customer recruitment process.
  • Undertakings: detail project showing you are aware of the applicable regulations.

You must pay attention to the entire company registration process if you want to get the KHDA approval.

3.3. Complete your application form

After that, you must complete an academic services permit form. The form is fairly simple; however, we recommend you have our guidance when undertaking any of these tricky steps or the business incorporation process.

3.4. Collect the required documentation

To go along with the application process, you will need to provide relevant paperwork. This includes the following documentation:

  • Properly completed application form.
  • Name reservation from the relevant authority and initial approval.
  • Registration plan.
  • Qualification certificates for the manager.
  • Colored passport copies of all the institute’s shareholders.
  • Colored passport copies of the manager or director of the institute.
  • Course list.
  • CV of the manager or director.
  • Notary public signature per each shareholder and manager.
  • A guarantee from the manager attesting they will manage the educational institute full-time, including the proposed working hours.
  • If one of your company shareholders is corporate you must include a board resolution from the mother company stating the establishment of the institute in Dubai.
  • Certificate of good standing.

Besides this important documentation related to the institute itself, you also must provide copies of your trade license, environmental health and safety certification, and a tenancy contract if you are operating from the premises.

3.5. Submit your application

We will submit the entire application on your behalf. In addition, we will also pay the relevant fees as part of the application process. Depending on your application, the final approval is delivered in a matter of days for smaller companies. Or it may take longer if you are a larger educational company.

4. How extensive are the KHDA’s criteria to assess educational companies?

There is a broad range of parameters, from standard school leadership to academic achievement in core subjects; from the degree of performance monitoring to the behavior of your students. In addition, it actively promotes Arabic and Muslim teaching by discussing fulfillment conditions.

One of the most relevant resources for faculty assessment is the KHDA studies, and alternative emirate models should adopt a square measure. In addition, within the openness during which it publicly publishes college success; Dubai is several steps ahead in the field.

Instructors with relevant qualifications, most importantly, are a prerequisite for improving the standard of learning and teaching. Before they obtain an initial appointment, this condition must be fulfilled by the instructor.

On the other hand, this initial appointment allows teachers to teach at private schools. Subsequently, the KHDA proceeds to improve the teaching and learning quality by motivating teachers to meet the criteria for the registration of KHDA teachers in the Educator Permit System.

The academic institute applies for the teacher’s initial consultation after a school in the UAE chooses them for an open position. In the same vein, this initial appointment is compulsory for the instructor to receive a permit in the UAE.

Further, your teacher must have an academic degree in a specific field for the initial appointment, depending on whether they are a subject teacher or a class teacher.

  • Class teachers must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in education or equivalent qualification.
  • Subject teachers must have an accepted bachelor’s degree relevant to the taught subject.

After receiving the initial appointment, your teacher must register to the Educator Permit System at a Dubai private academic institute.

      4.1. Requirements to fulfill in the registration

  • English competence.
  • Additional criteria for certification.
  • Professional development is mandatory.
  • Legal status in the UAE.
  • Teaching fitness.
  • Strong standing.
  • Subject qualification.
  • Qualification for teacher preparation.

Select your business name carefully to avoid having to change it in the future.

5. Do your teachers need to take courses?

Teaching is a beautiful career, but it can become challenging when you want to obtain the KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE. Further, it can take years of experience and a lot of money to receive a teaching permit; this means many people cannot work.

Each year, new teachers enter the competitive market, but there is a shortage of qualified teaching positions. This leads to the situation where talented teachers cannot get a job. Therefore, if they want to avoid that, it is crucial to take the KHDA approval and mandatory courses. Here are the topics they teach:

5.1 Child safeguarding and protection

The debates about child protection are always on the news. Moreover, teachers have reported bullying cases between classmates. This KHDA course is crucial as it gives valuable insight into detecting potential problems and finding solutions.

Part of your teachers’ job will be to protect your students in case they are experiencing problems inside your educational institute. With the information in this section, your teachers will identify when is the right time to take action and when they need external help.

5.2 Well-being

Teachers have a detailed eye when it comes to taking care of their student’s well-being. As a result, they need to know when someone needs help and they can also know which students need additional support. But to receive KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE, they will need additional training.

5.3 Inclusion

When it comes to inclusion in classrooms, it is the philosophy that shows teachers and students why it is important to create a space where everyone is safe regardless of their disabilities and abilities. And since the development of the UAE educational system, this has been an important topic for most institutions.

However, these topics are not taught in some institutions. That is why the KHDA works hard to bring awareness to its courses.

5.4 Sustainability

Being the role models for future generations, teachers play a vital role in making students aware of the environmental problems of our world before they obtain the KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE. In addition, students must pay attention since their care for the planet will define our future society.

Environmental awareness courses will help teachers develop the understanding and skills they need to incentivize curiosity around younger minds. Therefore, if they achieve that, they will improve the educational needs of the country.

5.5 Moral education

Teachers must take extra courses about moral education. Since each student has different needs, they must create a way in which they can become role models for future generations. Some educators, however, spend so much time studying that they forget their job is also about humanity. This leaves their students without the possibility to learn how morals work.

But it is possible to teach moral education to teachers. And KHDA has courses that will help them.

6. How can we help you to get KHDA approval for an education company in the UAE?

Applying for the KHDA approval can become a complex process. And depending on the type of education on training you will offer, the exact steps to take will vary massively. This is where working with us will remove the burden of taking care of this overwhelming process. Therefore, once you are set up and registered, you will have access to a massive market.

When you work with us, you will comply with all the minimum details and requirements, and ensure the chances of approval.

On Connect Free Zone, on the other hand, we will offer you the most cost-effective setup packages and discounts around the UAE. As a result, you will have an easy incorporation process in any Free Zone or Mainland area.

We understand how difficult it is to properly complete the incorporation process, especially if you are doing it on your own. Fortunately, we have solid knowledge and experience so you can set up easily in the UAE.

In conclusion, we will provide you with access to the best locations for your business, obtaining all the benefits each jurisdiction will offer you. You will be able to compare free zones’ rules, rates, pricing, and regulations regarding your business. Also, we can teach you about PRO services and how they can help your business.

Would you like us to help you with all your business-related needs? if you want to work with the best partner in Dubai and the UAE or have additional inquiries regarding business setup in Dubai Mainland you can email us whenever you want via Or you can call us anytime at +971 43 316 688.


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