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product registration in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best business destinations for businesspersons to manufacture, import, distribute, and re-export a massive number of products. For instance, these products include food, health products, and others. Due to the growing business industry, the UAE government has made product registration in Dubai compulsory.

In this article, we will ensure you understand the entire product registration step-by-step process and why it is so important. Further, this applies to all products distributed and manufactured in Dubai. This allows the UAE government to ensure the circulating product is of top-quality, safe to use, and free from contamination.

  1. What is product registration?
  2. Why is this process mandatory in the UAE?
  3. What is the step-by-step process for product registration?
  4. How important it is for you to register your products?
  5. What are some of our product registration solutions?
  6. Will you benefit from product registration in the UAE?
  7. Who should apply for the registration?
  8. How can we assist you with product registration in Dubai and the UAE?

1. What is product registration?

The product registration process is carried out by relevant government entities in the UAE to register any manufactured or imported product. There are various types of products registered through this important process. In addition, all products must be registered before they are imported, promoted, and sold in Dubai. In the UAE, the entire registration process is carried out by several government authorities such as the health and safety section of:

  • Dubai Municipality.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • And Food Department.

However, the most important one is Dubai Municipality while other departments are also required for the completion of this process. The product registration in Dubai ensures that each product either packaged food products or cosmetic products has the required information on its label. As a result, consumers will obtain clear information about the product they are acquiring.

For cosmetic product registration, on the other hand, the Dubai Municipality process will check for the presence of any harmful substances. The same applies to food products, therefore, anything that is not suitable or may be restricted for human consumption will be rejected as well in Dubai.

All registered products in Dubai are integrated into a single system where all consumable goods in the emirate are registered. Similarly, this makes it easier for traders, customers, and the government to obtain detailed information about all consumer products in Dubai.

Dubai, on the other hand, is one of the most important trading hubs around the world for trading products. In addition, the UAE government makes the latest testing process and makes this process mandatory for any food, beauty, and supplement product. The main purpose of cosmetic registration is to ensure proper user safety.

2. Why is this process mandatory in the UAE?

The first reason for implementing product registration in Dubai is to restrict the trading of harmful or fake products in the local Dubai market. In addition, it ensures the safety of consumers and the quality of the different products.

Dubai municipality product registration is the government body in charge of product entry into the UAE market ensuring consumer safety and product quality. They do this by aiming at product inspections, product registration, and random product testing.

Likewise, product registration specifies that each product that will be imported should be registered under the Dubai Municipality. And get a registration certificate which will be asked for at the shipment clearing stage. This allows the consumer to check the right information and examine the protection of cosmetic products. They also focus that no beauty products are promoted, sold, distributed, or imported to Dubai without being tested by the regulative entity.

3. What is the step-by-step process for product registration?

To register your product, you must already have a registered organization in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, you also need a trade license according to the business activity of either product or general trading. Here is a list of the steps needed for product registration in Dubai and the UAE:

1. Business formation: only registered businesses that are established in Dubai or a UAE free zone can do the product registration. In addition, the business must have a valid trade license. Most importantly, the business conducting appropriate business activities and being a local entity can register their products with Dubai Municipality.

2. Registration with Dubai Municipality: once you have set up your business in a UAE Free Zone or in the emirate of Dubai, the next step is to register with the Dubai Municipality. The government entity will require some basic information about your business such as email address, trade license, contact, details, etc.

3. Collection and submission of the required documents: you must submit the right documentation to the Dubai Municipality to apply for the label assessment of your products in the specific product category. After that, you must submit a sample of your product to the CPSS. Subsequently, the DM will issue a label assessment report, which is a product description.

3.1. What products are required for registration?

  • Health supplements products.
  • Herbal products.
  • Cosmetics products.
  • Electronic goods.
  • Food products.
  • Medical products.
  • Sports equipment and others.
  • Hand sanitizers.

3.2. Prohibited items

  • All types of gambling tools.
  • Swine.
  • Betel leaves.
  • Specific food additives, food colors, and chemicals.
  • E-cigarettes.
  • Any goods from Israel.
  • Nylon fishing nets.
  • All types of narcotics drugs.

3.3 Restrictive items

  • Nuclear energy products and others.
  • Rough diamonds.
  • New tires.
  • Media products and print material.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Rough diamonds.
  • New tires.

4. How important it is for you to register your products?

Firstly, one of the important reasons to apply for the product registration process in Dubai and the UAE is to restrict the trading of fake and harmful products. And as aforementioned, to ensure consumer protection and high-quality products. Dubai Municipality, on the other hand, controls everything regarding the incoming products to the UAE market. Likewise, it ensures consumer well-being and product quality by setting the target at the different control processes.

There are other sectors that are booming in the UAE you must know about so you can target them.

5. What are some of our product registration solutions?

These are the crucial product registration areas we will assist you with:

5.1. Cosmetic products registration in the UAE

It is mandatory for you to register your beauty products or cosmetics in the UAE before selling them in the local market. For packing, trading, distributing, and manufacturing of these products, you must register them with the Dubai Municipality. In addition, we will take care of the entire registration process on your behalf.

5.2. Food product registration in Dubai

We will ensure consumer safety by assessing all the food products you want to sell in Dubai, the UAE, or GCC countries with food product registration. In addition, re-exporting to foreign countries is also easy for us.

5.3. Disinfectants and detergents registration

Since disinfectants and detergents are consumers or commercial products requiring the best quality standards; it is mandatory to register them to the DM to present them to the local markets.

5.4. Health supplements registration

The demand for health supplements around the UAE is growing massively, this makes Dubai an excellent place for importers around the globe. Moreover, the entire supplement registration in Dubai revolves around ensuring the ingredients are high-quality.

Note that Dubai’s Free Zones are the most popular around the UAE; and there are certain important things you must know about them. You can contact us to learn more.

5.5. Hand sanitizer product registration in Dubai, UAE

Nowadays, the usage of hand sanitizers has grown massively, and consumer awareness about their hygiene and health is also increasing. Similar to cosmetics, you must register the hand sanitizer products with the municipality to ensure a safe process.

6. Will you benefit from product registration in the UAE?

There are several factors that explain how investors around the globe prefer working in Dubai for product distribution. For instance, some of these encouraging factors are the following:

6.1. Increased profits

A considerable number of international and local consumers are willing to pay more for top-quality services or products. Likewise, this leads to a significant number of profits from all the trading stages including importing, distribution of everyday goods, and manufacturing; never leaving you with a loss.

6.2. Support from the government

The Dubai government is always introducing business-friendly policies and encouraging ex-pats; this brings in more companies to the local industries. The product registration in Dubai is a long process but the authorities always ensure a smooth process without disruptions in your business goals.

Each new entrant, on the other hand, is allowed to register in the Dubai Mainland area and some free zones. When you hire a partner like us, you will further ease this process. On Connect Free zone, we will assist you to register your products efficiently in a timely manner.

6.3. Profitable for large companies and SMEs

Business setup in the UAE, irrespective of the industry and size, will massively benefit from registering their products in the country. Since the registering process will be simpler, so the flow of goods internationally or locally will too. In addition, once the government approves your application, you can expect good profits from:

  • Production.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Re-selling.
  • And distribution of your products.

6.4. Quality assurance

Product registration is a time-taking process that requires approvals from different federal and other types of authorities. Further, the strictness of their policies leads to high-standard products for each citizen in the UAE. Meanwhile, they also enhance and maintain the authenticity of UAE products in the international market.

Quality assurance, on the other hand, is evident by no additional registration assessment processes in the GCC regions after you have successfully registered your products in the UAE.

6.5. Hassle-free trade and brand protection

Certainly, with an increased amount of business incorporation in Dubai and the UAE, the circulation and supply have increased as well. The UAE government, in addition, is actively regulating the market to ensure label and brand protection for each investor. Registered products in the country’s influence seamless trade internationally and locally without issues.

6.6. Tax benefits

Traders and merchants can freely carry out exports, imports, distributions, and redistribution activities in the country without paying massive amounts of their profits in taxes. Although some products are subject to taxation, tax payments are massively lower than in other nations. For this reason, the UAE is such a popular destination among all-sized businesses.

To know more about this area, you should learn a couple of things regarding the new UAE tax law.

7. Who should apply for the registration?

  • Importers: companies manufacturing products in foreign markets must carry out the product registration in Dubai for importation into the local market. As aforementioned, it is mandatory for the business representatives to ensure the products are properly registered before they reach the UAE market.
  • Local manufacturers: local companies manufacturing cosmetics, food, or other products in the UAE must register what they offer with the Dubai Municipality. In addition, they also must approach the Consumer Products Safety Section and ensure their products are already registered. However, on Connect Free Zone we will take care of this process.

Business representatives, on the other hand, must ensure their products already are certificated before they enter the UAE market.

8. How can we assist you with your product registration in Dubai and the UAE?

It does not matter if you are an importer or a local manufacturer, you need a valid license from the UAE government and approval from Dubai Municipality to get your products to the market. Certainly, with years of experience working with businesses; on Connect Free Zone, we will assist you by following the right procedures and registering your products hassle-free.

You must follow several steps to register your products in the country, this process varies from product to product. Do not let a small slip cause a delay or affect your registration process. We will offer you outstanding registration solutions for your business in Dubai. For this reason, we are your best partners in the UAE!

We are happy to assist you with it. By counting on our value-added services, our team of licensed professionals will ensure your product is registered following all the guidelines. We will provide you with various solutions regarding the product registration such as:

  • Review your product documentation considering the basic requirements of applicable guidelines and regulations.
  • Support on completing the Product Information File (PIF).
  • Review your products’ labeling regarding the guidelines of Dubai Cosmetic Regulation by Dubai Municipality.
  • Notification of your product’s registration.
  • Laboratory solutions with our external partnering companies.
  • Continuous support after completing the registration process.

Would you like us to assist you with the product registration in Dubai and the UAE? If you want us to start supporting you and working with you side-by-side, or if you have extra questions; you can always call us at +971 43 316 688. Also, you can email us via

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