Top 10 small business ideas for setting up a company in Dubai


Due to the many benefits that foreign entrepreneurs and investors obtain when they are setting up a company in the United Arab Emirates, there are now more of them looking forward to establishing their businesses in the country. The business environment encourages new investors to start a variety of small businesses.

In this article, you will learn about our top 10 small business ideas in Dubai that can help you select the best choice for you to start running your own company in the country. Moreover, you will be able to obtain certain benefits to boost your company formation when setting up a company in any favorable location of the country. Let’s observe:

  1. Digital marketing / Web designing and development / IT consultancy.
  2. Real estate agency.
  3. Health and well-being.
  4. Restaurant / Coffee shop.
  5. Tourism and travel.
  6. Beauty and hair salon.
  7. Day-care and childcare services.
  8. Maids and cleaning services.
  9. Construction.
  10. Grocery store

Digital marketing / Web designing and development / IT consultancy.

Learning how to start a business in Dubai free zone or mainland is the first step to shape your future in the country, and when you learn how to do it, you will realize the existence of limitless opportunities and a variety of business ideas available. Let’s start with the most common and successful business activity for investors in the UAE.

Online businesses could be the best beginning for a foreign investor for having a business setup in Dubai mainland and other freezone. This type of business provides two main benefits; first, you will not need to possess a physical office space to start, and second, you will not need employees during the first phase of your company’s development.

The combination of proper technical skills and massive efforts could give as result lucrative income. Besides, there are countless opportunities in the digital world for web professionals, and now there are even more due to the current times in which the e-commerce stores are thriving every day more.

Real Estate Agency.

Since there are more ex-pats in the country every year, the real estate industry has been increasing its numbers every year more, becoming a lucrative business for investors specialized in property dealings. As the number of ex-pats increases, the demand for property management increases as well and provides many opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

In order to establish your real estate company successfully, you will have to get in touch with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), the pertinent authority that provides the permit you need to run this type of business. Before doing it, you will need to receive professional training and a certificate that proves you have completed the required training.

In case you have a college degree related to this career, you can apply for the Real Estate Certified Practitioner’s training course. On the other hand, you can register for the Real Estate Executive Diploma program in case you do not possess a degree. If you need more information, you can always visit the RERA website.

Health and Well-being.

healthcare and medical In the UAE

Another important business activity that you will discover when you learn how to start a business in UAE free zone is related to the healthcare and medical sector. In the UAE, the population cares so much about their well-being and health, and the government makes sure that healthcare businesses obtain everything they need to work properly.

This situation provides many opportunities for those who are healthcare professionals. Setting up a company related to this sector will ensure a bright future for your business. You could be a trainer, a vitamin and supplements trader, a therapist, or any other businessperson related to this business category.

You will need to get approval from the DED (Department of Economic Development) and the DHA (Dubai Health Authority). In case you desire to achieve success even faster, you can choose to set up your company in Dubai Health Care City Free Zone (DHCC), a free zone that was specially built to be home to hospitals, clinics, and many healthcare-related companies.

Restaurant / Coffee shop.

Since UAE residents count on good purchasing power, most of them go out frequently for lunch or dinner. According to several statistics, around a third part of the UAE population eats out at least two or three times a week, and for around 17 percent of the population, it is already a daily routine.

In order to open a restaurant or any related business, two main licenses are required; the trade license and the food license. The first one is provided by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and the second one is provided by the Food Safety Department.

Opening a restaurant or a coffee shop will not require a huge initial investment, making this idea a perfect solution for setting up a company in the UAE, and if it is done correctly, it could be a very lucrative business for you. And just like restaurants and cafeterias, mobile food trucks are also an excellent alternative to start your business in the country.

Tourism and Travel 

travel business in UAE

Another thriving business in the UAE, and especially in Dubai, is the tourism business. Since the emirate is known for being a globally recognized hotspot for tourists, the tourism industry increases its numbers every year by registering a massive number of travelers who visit the country annually.

Planning to set up a tourism business in Dubai is probably the best choice for you if you want to run a successful company, but you will need to consult with a professional business partner. Take into consideration that the tourism license is required for this type of business, and you can obtain it by registering your company in the DED and the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Beauty and hair salon.

Even though a spa would be more interesting for some residents in the UAE, a hair salon will never be a bad decision when it comes to setting up a company in the country. If you set up your hair salon in a strategic location in Dubai or any other city, you can be sure that it will be a very profitable investment.

This type of business is an investment that does not require much and the employees you might need can be easily found and hired. Generating a stable client base and reputation can be easy if you use the correct tools, including advertisement in social media and affordable rates.

Day-care and childcare services.

Someone must take care of the children while their parents are working, and requesting the services of a day-care center is undoubtedly the best choice. According to statistics, most of the UAE adult population requires day-care services to satisfy their children’s needs when parents are not home, making this the perfect opportunity for day-care companies to achieve their goals.

These services are known for being among the most popular business activities for freelancers, and for requiring a low-cost initial investment. However, you must make sure to follow safety measures and guarantee a transparent relationship with parents to obtain positive feedback and increase your popularity.

Selecting the best location is also a key factor to make this business run. Be aware of the competition and the locations that request these services more frequently, this way you will surely find more clients and, therefore, your business will be more profitable. Investing in the necessary equipment to ensure a learning environment for kids is also a wise recommendation you should follow.

Maids and cleaning services.

Cleaning companies and maids are very profitable businesses too since most of the UAE residents are busy with work and do not have time to clean their places. These cases make cleaning services and maids the best option for them to maintain their places in perfect conditions without having the need of cleaning.

This gives you the opportunity to start setting up a company related to these types of services and ensure its success in no time. To achieve your goal you must follow certain tips, like being aware of the market demand and hire fully-trained maids to obtain positive feedback from your clients (this will increase your reputation and positive reviews).



As the country grows modern, you will realize engineers, architects, real estate developers, and other related professionals can find limitless opportunities in Dubai and the UAE, including the opportunity of setting up a company related to their field. Although this type of business requires a higher initial investment, the results are worth it.

New buildings are being erected in the country every day due to the rising UAE population, making the construction sector a very profitable business for those who want and decide to start a successful business. You can complete your company’s registration process at the DED (Department of Economic Development).

Keep in mind that before establishing your company in any location, you must evaluate every option, whether it is about a free zone or Dubai mainland, and select the one in which you find more activity regarding this sector, that way you will obtain better results in less time.

Grocery store.

As a final business idea, opening a grocery shop could bring you an opportunity to make a lucrative business by selling a wide range of small products and goods related to food and other small items. Besides, it will not be necessary to hire a large number of employees to run this type of business.

With an appropriate investment, full time attendance, and efficient home delivery, your business would be able to become more profitable every month. To start this type of business you will need an area with at least 130 square feet and the commercial license. If you obtain the grocery license, you will only be able to sell grocery items (it does not include cosmetics or medical/pharmaceutical items).

11. How can Connectfz help you set up your company in the UAE?

Once you have decided to start setting up a company in Dubai or any other location in the UAE, you should ask for professional guidance first, this way, you will be able to get higher probabilities of success when forming and running your business. Having a business partner like Connectfz will undoubtedly increase your chances of succeeding.

Besides obtaining more relevant information regarding the company formation process and useful tips to achieve your goal, you will also be able to request and obtain our many services, which are essential to boost a business and perform vital functions. Among our services you might need, you can request our tax advisory services, banking services, and many more.

If your company is already large enough to hire employees, you might also need more services like recruitment services, payroll services, staff outsourcing services, and many others. Feel free to contact our Connectfz team to receive the services you need to fulfill your business requirements at any time.

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