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The processes needed to set up a company in Dubai are easy to follow. However, with all the legal formalities, paperwork, permissions, and approvals needed it can be overwhelming. After all, if you´re not familiar with the processes you´re doing, then you won´t know what to do regarding them. That is where pro services or, more specifically, pro services Dubai become handy for your business.

Pro services Dubai refer to all activities needed for processing legal documents, like visa/license applications, labor cards, etc. All companies in the UAE need to seek the service of a Government Liaison Officer. They´re commonly known as Public Relations Officers or PRO, that´s where the term pro services Dubai comes from.

In this article, we´ll cover all the basics of pro services in Dubai so you can understand them better. We´ll talk about:

1-What are pro services in Dubai?

2-Types of pro services in Dubai

3-Why are pro services needed in Dubai?

4-Benefits of pro services in Dubai

5-When do you need pro services in Dubai?

6-How can Connect Free Zone help you get pro services in Dubai?

1-What are pro services in Dubai?

As we just mentioned, pro services Dubai refers to activities related to document processing. Dubai has grown at a fast pace with frequent changes in its economic and commercial system. For entrepreneurs and business enterprises you need to deal with many governmental departments and judicial authorities in Dubai. If your pro services Dubai are good, they´ll assist you through all requirements regarding these authorities.

In Dubai, the government has tried to make commercial obligations and document clearing services user-friendly. Nevertheless, conciliation can be extensive. Furthermore, being from a foreign country can make it hard for you to understand Dubai´s rules and regulations. In addition to this, the currency change and Arabic-translated documents can make it even harder. Consequently, the assistance of pro services Dubai can be helpful.

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Besides helping you with your documentation and clearing services, pro services Dubai also help you with legal procedures required from the DED. Pro services can help you with license renewals, visas, and labor contracts. In addition to this, they also help you fulfill requirements from the immigration department. Pro services Dubai not only help you set up your company but also ensure things continue to run smoothly for your business.

Additionally, pro services can also help you get easy trade licenses in Dubai. A trade license is mandatory for every individual who wants to set up a business in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues these licenses. For example, some easy trade licenses you can get with the help of pro services Dubai are:

1.1 Commercial trade license

A license issued to company´s involved in commercial trade activities. This license is given if a company involves itself with the trading of goods, commodities, and services. General and specialized traders apply for this license.

1.2 Industrial trade license

The DED issues this license to companies that plan to manufacture. This applies to businesses that assemble process, redesign, or repackage goods. In addition to this, businesses with this license have physical premises to do their activities.

1.3 Professional trade license

The DED gives this license to specialists and professionals. Activities included in this license are carpentry, consultancy services, publishing, beauty salons, printing, consultancy services, artisanship, and more. The main advantage of this license is that they let business owners have 100% ownership for foreign investors.

2-Types of pro services in Dubai

We just mentioned what pro services Dubai are. However, there are many types of pro services. Starting in a business field in UAE requires you to do several steps for the process. The primary steps are mainly legal procedures and formalities. Furthermore, only when you complete these legal procedures, you will be given lawful authorization for your business.

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Likewise, as we mentioned in the previous point, pro services make sure you can finish these procedures without problems. For example, some of the most common pro services in Dubai are:

  • Visa and passport clearance.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Help with the opening of a corporate bank account.
  • Company set up for branch offices.
  • Business license application and renewal.
  • NOC letters.
  • Immigration and labor card application.
  • Legal documents notarization.

If you are wondering how many formalities require pro services, there are 3 main types. These main 3 types are certificate verification, company liquidation, and consultancy.

2.1 Certificate verification

Firstly, there´s certificate verification. The certificates that can be verified thanks to pro services in Dubai are:

  • Educational certificates.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Provisional certificate.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Birth certificates.

2.2 Company liquidation

Secondly, we have company liquidation. Pro services in Dubai can help you with these business-related formalities:

  • Company dissolution in Dubai.
  • Conducting a final audit.
  • Bank account closure.
  • Business license termination.
  • Business liquidation.

2.3 Consultancy

Last but not least, pro services offer consultation for the following:

  • Endorsing a spouse name.
  • Passport renewal.
  • Changing an address.
  • Name change.
  • Travel documents for servants.

3-Why are pro services needed in Dubai?

Pro services Dubai are necessary for almost all businesses or companies in the UAE. As mentioned multiple times, pro services encompass all activities related to government documents and their processing. In addition to this, they also encompass the processing of paperwork, such as Visa applications, labor cards, and documentation for company trade licenses.

We mentioned before about the general trading license, but if you want to find out how to get one, here´s what you need to know.

It takes a lot of time for you to set up a company and do tasks and jobs needed for it, so you shouldn´t rush it. Establishing a company can be considered an uphill task that needs a lot of documentation. This can make you flabbergasted when trying to do them. However, pro services cover those tasks, they help you do them correctly and ensure you avoid complications.

There are many steps that pro services can help you with. Some of these steps and procedures are:

  • Document processing in various departments. For example, labor or immigration departments.
  • Processing of existing and new employees, as well as their renewal.
  • Trademark, copyright, and patent registration.
  • Business license application and renewal.
  • Document clearance from the Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Municipality.
  • Arabic legal document translation.
  • Company immigration card and labor card application.
  • Important legal document attestation through a public notary.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) application from the government departments.

4-Benefits of pro services in Dubai

If you are wondering if pro services could be beneficial for your business, the answer is yes. If you don´t know the respective procedures to handle legal documentation to set up a business, then pro services help you. And even if you´re already comfortable with opening a business in the UAE, pro services still can help your company run smoothly.

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Furthermore, as we mentioned in previous points in this article, pro services can help you achieve many things aside from legal document procedures. They also help you obtain many types of trading licenses as well as help you with the formalities of certificate verification, company liquidation, and consultancy.

However, aside from those, pro services themselves have other benefits to them. The main ones are:

4.1 They are cost-efficient

Firstly, we have the cost reduction of working with pro services. Setting up a business with pro services has been proven many times to be highly cost-efficient. Pro services Dubai reduce documentation and registration costs. In addition to this, it also allows you to operate without needing an in-house administrative department. Consequently, this saves you a lot of money.

Going to various departments of the government to submit different documents can make you waste a lot of time and money. However, outsourcing work to pro services saves money that otherwise would have been wasted on the document´s processing and clearance. Furthermore, working with a pro service will ensure your paperwork is turned in on time. This guarantees you won´t miss a deadline.

4.2 They are time-saving

Secondly, there´s the time you will save. By working and outsourcing work to a pro service you won´t lose any time doing paperwork. If you leave the legal procedures to pro services, you´ll be able to save time and focus on the core of your company. In addition to this, a pro service in Dubai also guarantees that you will do all the paperwork and meet all your deadlines. Simply put, you´ll be able to work more on your business and less on the paperwork.

4.3 Transparency

Pro services will give you all the receipts and copies of all the government charges. Consequently, this will bring more transparency to your business, saving you from unwanted situations. In addition to this, pro services will also provide clarity, and trust with all its clients as well as employees.

Simply put, you know exactly what you´re going to get when you outsource work to pro services. Besides receipts and copies of government charges, you´ll also get bills and other expenses openly shared with you.

4.4 Business sustainability

We already mentioned this point several times throughout this article. But working with a pro service can ensure your business´ sustainability. This is because the agents or service providers who work under pro companies have lots of experience running a business. Working with the correct pro service providers makes sure your business operations run smoothly.

4.5 Hassle-Free Experience

Lastly, we have the hassle-free experience you receive from working with pro services. Working with pro services Dubai ensures that all your legal work keeps going smoothly. This is because pro services manage everything, from making and picking up the documents to delivering them once they´re approved.

5-When do you need pro services in Dubai?

Now you know the basics of pro services in Dubai. However, you might be left wondering “how do I know when I need pro services in Dubai?” Here are some indicators that represent the need for a pro service in your business. If you have any of these needs and problems, then you might be interested in hiring pro services in Dubai. The main indicators are:

  • If you need to monitor and update your company regarding registration, licensing, permits, or payments.
  • In case you need to ensure agreement with judicial systems, legal structures, and government agencies that need to approve your company and its commercial activities.
  • When you need to go with the local authorities and obtain your company’s business license. And also, if you need to take care of permit applications and renewal of a license.
  • When you need to indicate the Immigration & Labor Department´s requirements for your company and to process and obtain related documents.
  • To obtain various documents. For example, labor card and contract, labor approval, employment visa, entry permit, residence visa, and work towards document clearing services.
  • When you need to build a virtuous working relationship with local and national government offices and retain it.
  • Once you need to make sure that your company is knowledgeable as well as informed about governmental protocols and instructions.
  • When you need to monitor ministerial directives and instructions from the legislation and report it to the respective departments.
  • If you need to maintain the official governmental letters, your company’s authorized stamps, and all certified letters sent to Government.

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6-How can Connect Free Zone help you get pro services in Dubai?

Pro services Dubai are very beneficial to business owners who find themselves overwhelmed with all the legal procedures. However, it can be difficult to find a good pro service company to help you. That’s why Connect Free Zone is your best choice of a company for pro services. With over 20 years of experience in the market, we are specialized in pro services in Dubai and the UAE. Our consultants specialize in Dubai´s, UAE´s, and Free zone´s employment laws.

Would you like to know more about pro services in Dubai? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

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