Acquiring a consulting business license in Dubai

consulting business license in Dubai

Consultancy is growing massively in Dubai and thus, it offers good expansion possibilities. That is to say, Dubai is the land of enterprises and entrepreneurs, it has many businesses operating in various fields. In addition, they require advice and guidance in several matters. Therefore, obtaining a consulting business license in Dubai is crucial.

In this article, we will make sure you understand everything about the consultancy business in Dubai and why this field will grow massively in this decade. Similarly, you will learn how to start a consultancy business. In the same vein, learn the step-by-step process of obtaining a consulting business license in the country. Let’s observe:

  1. Do you want to start a consultancy business in the UAE?
  2. Why should you do business in the UAE?
  3. How to open a consultancy business?
  4. Obtaining a consulting license in a free zone
  5. Benefits you will offer as a business consultancy service provider
  6. What are the types of consultancy licenses in the UAE?
  7. How to start a consulting business?
  8. How can Connect Free Zone assist you to obtain a consulting business license?

1. Do you want to start a consultancy business in the UAE?

Consultancy is a big industry. That is to say, the global consultancy market is worth approximately AED 950bn. However, in the middle east, the industry is healthy; the GCC consultancy market alone is worth approximately AED 1.2bn.

Certainly, here in the United Arab Emirates, the demand for these services is at its highest. There are various thriving sectors. For instance, industries such as technology, healthcare, food, hospitality, retail, tourism, etc. all require professional consulting services in the UAE. Therefore, it is a good reason to obtain a consulting business license in Dubai.

The best part for new businesses in this area is that applying for this type of license is simple and easy if you partner up with us. For example, you can either apply for a commercial or professional license to carry out consultancy services in Dubai and the UAE.

2. Why should you do business in the UAE?

This beautiful country offers a straightforward company formation process as well as other advantages to ambitious investors and entrepreneurs. For instance, the country’s tax regime is well known around the world; its zero-tax rate on corporate and personal income is the best way to understand why.

Therefore, if you set up in any of our free zones, the list of advantages continues. In addition, the UAE free zone companies benefit from the possibility to repatriate 100% of profit and capital; similarly, the country also has zero currency restrictions and 100% customs tax exemption.

On the other hand, its position in the center of the Middle East makes it the perfect location in the GCC.

3. How to open a consultancy business?

There are some steps in order to obtain a consulting business license in Dubai and start a consultancy business in the emirate. Firstly, you must establish your business activity. In other words, the consultancy license is appropriate for companies across all industries; you must stipulate the right nature of the work you want to carry out.

This business activity such as Business Consultancy, Accounting Consultancy, Marketing Consultancy, etc. must be stated on your application.

To ensure you list all business activities you want to carry out and avoid potential regulation issues; we recommend you to work with a business formation company like us. That is to say, in Connect free zone we excel at these activities and we will suggest what aligns best with your organization.

After that, you must decide your business trade name. This takes a little more consideration here than in other countries; the country has solid and strict naming conventions that are easy to follow. In the same vein, in Connect Free Zone we can assist you in the process of choosing your trade name.

That is to say, you must avoid using blasphemous or offensive language. In addition, you must avoid using names of organizations or abbreviations if you are naming the company after yourself. For instance, David Mann consulting, rather than D Mann Consulting. Similarly, you must also check the availability of the name you want to use.

After you have formed your company activities and chosen your business name, you can apply for the license for your consultancy organization. Therefore, you can choose a professional or a commercial one. The right for your company will depend on the nature of your business. Likewise, we can also assist you in this process.

4. Obtaining a consulting license in a Free Zone

One of the easiest ways to get a consulting business license in Dubai is to apply to a UAE free zone. That is to say, you can apply directly to the free zone government body. On the other hand, you can work with us, we will take care of the application on your behalf making the process hassle-free.

There are several reasons to set up a business in a UAE free zone; you can benefit from no annual audits, easy incorporation procedure, and no paid-up shared capital requirement. In addition, you do not need to be physically present in the country to set up your new company.

It does not matter if you are doing the application process by yourself or through us; you are usually required to provide some basic information and some details. For instance:

  • Passport copy of the involved parties (owner or owners)
  • Successfully completed application form
  • Two colored passport-sized photos

This is a rapid application process with all business documentation issued within a week. All free zones offer the opportunity to apply for up to 6 visas. In the same vein, the exact number of visas you will be able to apply for will depend on the size of your business and its nature.

On the other hand, as for the cost of the business license; they are well known for their competitive pricing, similarly, you can expect to pay approx. AED 15,000 to start your business. In addition, if you want to keep costs down while starting small, you can also apply for a freelance permit. Similarly, when you work with us, consulting licenses in the UAE are obtained in a matter of days.

5. Benefits you will offer as a business consultancy service provider

Certainly, after you obtain the consulting business license in Dubai; you will work side-by-side with companies and business owners to assist them to identify challenges, proposing practical solutions, and offering advice. In addition, you may think of consultants as doctors diagnosing the problem and recommending a remedy that alleviates the pain. Let’s observe the benefits you obtain when you start your consultancy business:

      5.1. Expertise

The main values of consulting businesses include their influence, knowledge, and expert skills. That is to say, you will work in a variety of industries while having a much wider and deeper knowledge of industry challenges, business trends, new processes, and technologies than in-house workers.

Most importantly, according to Harvard Business School; consultants are crucial for publicizing new knowledge and innovation within their industries.

      5.2. Cost saving

When businesses hire a consultant, they only pay for the right services they are needing when they need them. In addition, this can provide massive savings over hiring domestic workers with the same level of experience; to complete similar tasks.

Moreover, business consultants in many areas such as lean manufacturing, financial planning, proactive funding allow business owners to identify areas where they are spending more than needed; thus, allowing them to cut costs.

      5.3. Time-saving

The expertise of consulting business services in the UAE means they know the best practices. For instance, a lean consultant is able to look at a client’s manufacturing process and identify their inefficiencies. In the same vein, with a consultant, there is no need for businesses to lose valuable time with something that is easily completed by a contractor.

      5.4. Objectivity

You will provide a useful distance from company challenges since you will not be emotionally invested in operations the same way business owners are. In addition, you can easily address and identify challenges; it does not matter if the issue is implementing new technology or completing an acquisition or merger.

You will provide objectivity that will be important especially for a family-run organization. That is to say, they can have emotional dynamics and difficulty resolving problems.

      5.5. Customization

On the other hand, consulting businesses in the UAE do not provide a one-size-fits-all service. Your value comes in learning about each client’s objective and business; and tailoring a strategy and advice to the special challenges the organization is facing.

This adaptation means that consulting services are more efficient than standard advisory services. For instance, a government grant consultant may choose funding programs for which your company is eligible and has the best success chance.

6. What are the types of consultancy licenses in the UAE?

In order to obtain a consultancy license, you must ensure you are applying for the right one based on the business activity nature you want to carry out. For instance, there are various types of consulting licenses in the UAE based on a wide range of business activities. Let’s observe:

  • Process and operations management consulting
  • Compliance consulting and risk management
  • Manpower and HR Services consulting
  • Finance and accounting consulting
  • Industrial consulting
  • Market research consulting
  • Marketing and sales consultancy
  • Business setup consulting
  • Project management consulting
  • Strategy building consultancy
  • Financial advisory
  • Investment consulting
  • Strategic marketing consulting
  • Logistics and shipping consulting
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Legal consulting
  • IT consulting

7. How to start a consulting business?

      7.1. Evaluate your skillset and strengths

Usually, businesses hire consultants when they cannot solve their problems themselves. In other words? Why would they hire you, someone that does not know about their organization? In the same vein, when you obtain a consulting business license in Dubai and start a consultancy business; you must have deep knowledge in the specific area you are offering to your clients.

      7.2. Solve what your market needs

Once you have identified your niche; you must think about what types of problems, pain points, and questions businesses in your chosen area can have. Moreover, it is not enough to just have solid knowledge and a strong skillset in your field. Further, if the companies do not have problems your firm can solve, you will not go anywhere.

      7.3. Go along with the organic marketing train

As an independent consulting business, it will be your responsibility to grow your client base and ensure your business grows consistently. Therefore, this is achievable with marketing; however, the best marketing is always organic.

      7.4. Invest in trade tools

You must build your business while taking advantage of technological trade tools that let you maintain and forge connections with prospective employees and clients.

      7.5. Staff properly

It does not matter if you want a team that allows you to identify the amount of work you must do. Similarly, working 7 days per week and 12 hours per day is not suitable no matter how motivated you are; in addition, it is a possibility if your business becomes successful.

      7.6. Stay organized and deliver results

After you have obtained your license and your business is on track. You must ensure you stay organized and deliver results; this way you can obtain referrals and clients.

8. How can Connect Free Zone assist you to obtain a consulting business license?

In Connect Free Zone, we want you to successfully start your business in the UAE. That is why when you work with us you obtain the best discounts, pricing, and packages if you want to start your consulting business in Dubai’s free zones or Mainland. Similarly, we can also sponsor your company so you can easily relocate to Mainland Dubai.

We understand that starting a company in a new market is complicated, especially if you are on your own. In addition, we will allow you to set up your company in the best free zones in this beautiful country.

Here, you will find the best locations for your consulting business. Similarly, we ensure you benefit from all the advantages the different jurisdictions will offer you. We also compare free zones’ locations, prices, rules, and regulations regarding your business’ PRO services.

Would you like Connect Free zone to assist you to obtain a consulting business license in Dubai? If you want to take your business to the next level or if you have additional questions, you can always call us at +97143316688. You can send an email to if you want.

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