why invest in dubai

At present Dubai is highly known for all the business opportunities it gives to investors. If you ask yourself why invest in Dubai, the answer is very simple, it is because many markets are giving foreigners a lot of profit. For instance, the real estate market. Any investment in this sector ensures low risks but high profits. In addition, you will be the beneficiary of all the advantages that this city gives to investors.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about investing in the real estate market in Dubai. The first thing will be to explain in detail why investing in this attractive city for foreigners would attract benefits. Secondly, we will teach you everything you need to know so that you can obtain an investor visa in Dubai.

1. Why invest in real estate?

why invest in dubai

The real estate market in Dubai has had great growth since the pandemic ended. In addition, the government in the UAE eased restrictions on different sectors, including real estate. This has caused many investors to be interested in this country. Next, you will see the different benefits that you can access by making your investments in this sector.

1.1 High rental yields

Dubai is a city highly known in the world for all the luxuries and job and investment opportunities it provides. At present, Dubai rates at a high ROI. In addition, experts say that according to statistical data, Dubai guarantees a very high level of return on the investment you make. This is in comparison to other countries in the world and other emirates.

One of the main reasons why this happens is that Dubai allows investing in off-plan property. Off-plan property Dubai refers to when investors buy a property that has not been completed. That is, it is in the construction or planning stage. This type of investment is currently in fashion in Dubai. This is because it is a very low-cost investment but offers a very high return.

Investment opportunity in Dubai 2023

1.2 Tax-free investment

If you wonder, why to invest in Dubai in the real estate market; one of the most interesting reasons is that the UAE is a tax-free investment country. In case you decide to invest in the real estate sector; You will not have to pay capital gains tax, income tax, annual property tax, or any other. However, you must pay the expenses of the private community and the corresponding municipal fees.

1.3 The safest country in the World-Low crime rate

The government in the UAE has managed to almost completely eradicate violence and crime; thus making them the safest country in the world. This gives her the possibility of being able to raise her children in Dubai without fear of crime.

1.4 High standard of living

Before deciding to move to a country, it is important to know the cost of living and what they offer for that price. In the case of Dubai, the cost of living is quite affordable and provides a life full of luxuries. This city has different beaches, a very glamorous standard of living, and large and comfortable apartments.

1.5 High-class infrastructure

Dubai and other emirates contain a mega infrastructure in their territory. As a result, it has been declared the main business center of the Middle East and one of the best in the world. In this city, there is urban planning that is also considered a smart and incredible city to live in.

1.6 Golden Visa

The government in the UAE provides the opportunity for investors to obtain two types of visas, which are the Golden Visa and the investor visa. The Golden visa is known as a long-stay permit that grants foreigners all the privileges as if they were residents. For instance, invest, work start your own business, and many more benefits. To have access to this visa you must invest at least AED 2 million and it has a duration of 5 years. However, this time can be extended to 10 years.

2. Get a Dubai Investor visa with your investments

why invest in dubai

Many people wonder why to invest in Dubai and one of the most influential reasons for the decision is that you can opt for a Dubai investor visa. This long-stay permit is also known as a partner visa in Dubai. If you are a beneficiary of this document, you are given the ability to invest in an existing business or start your own. It lasts for three years or five years.

2.1 Dubai investor visa requirements

To acquire an investor visa, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Provide the IBAN number of the sponsor’s bank account.
  • Establishment card.
  • Proof of ownership interest, for this you can use the Memorandum Papers (MOA).
  • A passport-size photograph of the beneficiary on a white background.
  • In case the sponsor is in the UAE with a resident visa you must present it.
  • Photocopy of the partner’s passport.
  • The original Emirates ID of the member.
  • A copy of the commercial license.

2.2 Dubai investor visa cost

When you go to the Amer Center, they will charge you for different services to obtain the investor visa. Below you will see a list of all these costs.

  • Entry permit costs AED 525 for all foreigners.
  • Change of status, AED 675. People outside the UAE do not have to pay for this.
  • Visa stamping, AED 870 (currently, work is underway to replace this policy).
  • Emirates ID, which is priced at AED 405.
  • The applicant has to undergo different medical tests that have a cost of AED 322.5.

UAE Investor Visa

2.3 Dubai investor visa benefits

A person who has a Dubai investor visa has access to different benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Access to a stable and permanent residence in the UAE.
  • Travel outside the country while the visa is valid.
  • Do business in a tax-free environment.
  • Access to all government-provided benefits and social services.
  • A great opportunity to be part of the growing economy of the city.
  • The possibility of being able to sponsor your closest relatives (spouse, parents, and children). Thus, they have access to the family visa in UAE.

3. Contact Connect FZ to help you obtain your Dubai investor visa

In case you are one of those people who were wondering why to invest in Dubai, previously, you could see that it brings many benefits. And not just for the investor, but for the entire family group as everyone can enjoy the luxurious Dubai lifestyle. In addition, you are given all the possibility for you to invest in a market that is providing a lot of profits.

If you are one of the people who want to start enjoying all the wonders that Dubai provides and obtain your investing visa; the best option you have is to go to Connect FZ. We have different immigration services and we support you to open your new company in any free zone in Dubai. If you are asking why invest in dubai, you must call us now at +971 43 316 688.

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