Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

There are many free zones in the United Arab Emirates, including the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone. This free zone is located in Sharjah next to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. It has become recognized because the main activities are publishing and printing. In addition, they issue a lot of licenses for new entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in the SPC Free Zone.

In this article, you will see everything related to the company set up in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone. The first thing that we will show you is how is the procedure for business setup in SPC free zone. In addition, you will see all the services that you can access as an entrepreneur. We will also show you the benefits of entrepreneurs who establish their companies in this area.

1. Step-by-step guide to performing the company set up in an SPC-free zone

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

The Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is one of the newest free zones in the emirate of Sharjah, founded in 2017. People who want to be entrepreneurs should know that starting a new company in SPC Free Zone is very simple. In addition, the immigration processes for investor visa processing are fast. Below, you will see all the steps you must follow if you want to open your company in this free zone.

1.1 Step 1

Step one is to apply for the trade license of your choice and collect the documents to create your company. Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone offers a license fee starting at 9,000AED. To cover the zero visa fee.

1.2 Step 2

To comply with the second step, you must request the establishment card of the company. To do this you must register in E-Channel (which is for business immigration).

1.3 Step 3

You must request the entry permit or the change of status of the visa. In addition, you must undergo medical examinations. If you pass everything, they will give you your Emirates ID.

1.4 Step 4

Finally, you must request the stamping of the investor residence visa.

1.5 Do you know the types of commercial licenses in the SPC Free Zone?

Business setup in Sharjah Publishing City

All investors can choose from the following types of trading licenses in the SPC Free Zone.

  • General business license.
  • Services license.
  • The e-commerce license.
  • Commercial license/import export and trade.

2. What are the services offered in SPC Free Zone for businessmen?

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone offers a wide range of business requirements for entrepreneurs. The most significant thing about this free zone is the variety of infrastructures and the favorable atmosphere for doing business. In addition, you can take advantage of the new policies in the UAE that make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business.

In SPC Free Zone you can find office spaces that are state of the art. You can find them furnished and unfurnished. There are warehouses, shell and core offices, storage areas, full-day offices, meeting rooms, and many more.

On the other hand, in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone you can find different immigration services in the shortest possible time. This is because the immigration offices are located in the free zone. The process of opening the company and sealing the residence of the investor can only last one week.

3. Do you know the types of company structures available in this free zone?

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

If you want to take advantage of the investment opportunities offered by this free zone, it is important that you know what are the different types of structures that you can find. For this reason, below we will present the different company structures that you can find in this important free zone.

  • Establishment of Free Zone or FZA, this is a one-person company and it can be established by a natural person or a legal person.
  • The Zona Franca or ZF company, with this structure it will be possible to have up to 7 shareholders and it can be a natural person, a legal entity, and even both.
  • A branch of a company, thanks to this structure you will be able to establish a branch of a company that is located in the UAE. In addition, you can also establish a branch of any international company that wishes to take advantage of the advantages offered by this free zone.

4. What are the advantages of establishing your company in the SPC Free Zone?

The best business opportunities in the UAE are found in their free zones. Therefore, you should know about the advantages that the SPC Free Zone offers you which you will see below.

  • All SPC companies may be 100% owned by foreigners.
  • You will have the availability of any number of visas according to the commercial activity you are carrying out in this free zone.
  • You can grant employment to any number of foreign employees according to the visa quota you have.
  • It will have a variety of sizes of office facilities, these can be furnished, exterior, and central. In addition, you will have first-class facilities that will help you with your business.
  • A dual license may be available, ie Freezone and Sharjah mainland LLC.
  • It is a lower cost-free zone in a very convenient location just off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • You can easily open your bank account.

4.1 Additional benefits for investors

Despite the advantages already mentioned, this free zone presents another series of benefits to people who decide to invest in it. In this way, we will present you with the following benefits if you decide to invest in the SPC Free Zone.

  • There is no capital requirement for a company to be established in this free zone.
  • You will be able to have many flexible banking options that are available in this free zone.
  • It will have the immigration facilities that are available in the SPC Free Zone.
  • It is a designated VAT Free Zone.
  • Individuals or companies will not have income corporative taxes to pay.

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